Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coming Attraction: Sisley Palette Orchidée for Spring-Summer 2012

I have makeup moments that give me palpitations. My first glance at Sisley's Palette Orchidée for Spring Summer 2012 was one of those moments (click on the photo above to enlarge it!). It's the centerpiece of the Tropical Orchid Collection. Isn't it heavenly? I'm going to need two of them - one to use and one for my makeup museum.

For the first time, Sisley will showcase the emblematic orchid, which adorns all of its products, in a trio of luminous and subtly pearly sun-kissed shades in Palette Orchidée. The highlighting blush with white lily will sculpt the face and illuminate the complexion - so perfectly I can see it in my mind's eye.

In the gleaming silver compact, also stamped with Sisley's iconic orchid, there are three pink-peach shades sculpted in a petal design. Coral pink is interlaced with a delicate silky light brown and sprinkled with gold and pink "dust." Freshness and warmth blend together for a luminous, translucent, and gorgeous (I'm sure) finish.

The Palette Orchidée combines the latest technological advances in makeup with Sisley's skin-care expertise. It's feather-light, silky, blendable texture adheres perfectly to the skin, thanks to a complex of esters, mother of pearl, and silicone that ensure a perfect second-skin appearance and buildable coverage. The powder will enhance luminosity and add softness to the skin.

Incredibly lightweight, the Palette Orchidée powder has a special coating to provide translucency and light. The colors will remain pure and radiant with wear, thanks to micronized pigments. Extract of white lily provides a moisturizing and emollient effect to leave the skin velvety smooth, enhance the complexion, and provide skin-care benefits.

Sisley's Spring-Summer 2012 look was inspired by the soft, yet exuberant colors of Southeast Asian landscapes - combining warm and cool colors for a chiaroscuro effect ("chiaroscuro" is an Italian term that literally means light-dark). The Phyto-Ombres Eclat shades for the eyes range from soft, pearly pink to intense, luminous violet. Phyto-Lip Shine in sunny orange-coral or summery fuchsia pink will complete the look. This is an exciting collection. I'll have more information for you later.

I've already placed my name on the waiting list for Palette Orchidée. I'm not sure when the Tropical Orchid Collection will arrive at Sisley counters, but I'll be there the moment it does. I'm revved.

Photos courtesy of Sisley


Eileen said...

The blush truly is a work of art, isn't it? I don't blame you for wanting one for your "museum". It's gorgeous.

And then, there are those bright lip colors--again! The writing's on the wall, ladies. Although nude lip colors are available, the bright pops of color are definitely the hottest look of the spring into summer season with tangerine being the unequivocal star.

Charlestongirl said...

Yes! I will be so blessed when this palette hits the counter. Plus, my lovely area Sisley rep has offered to show me the collection live and in person early. I am kicking up my heels in delight.

anahita said...

That collection is beautiful. Of course, I had to call Kathy and order it for beauty event and I think I might get some shadows and lipsticks while I am at it. I have never tried Sisley before, are there any other products you would recommend?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anahita,

I highly recommend the new Black Rose Cream Mask. There are many Sisley skin-care items that are among my must-haves, including other masks, cleanser, and Comfort Extreme (Day and Night Creams). With Sisley, there are so many products, you really should go to a counter somewhere and get personalized skin-care recommendations. It's a wonderful line. I can't live without Supremya Cream.

Search on Sisley here at BTiB and see what I like. There are a lot of must-haves.

LauraJ said...

Do you have an idea of price?
Thank you for posting- I usually breeze by Sisley :)

Charlestongirl said...

Not yet, Laura. I'm sure it will be on the high end, though.

Liz said...

Those lippies!!! I love those colors - so bright and happy. :) Can't wait to see some swatches.

Charlestongirl said...

I'll try to swatch them, Liz, when I get a personal preview. :)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually tried the new Guerlain G mascara, the one in the little bullet shaped compact? If so, how does the mascara itself perform?

Charlestongirl said...

I just got a sample, Anonymous, but I haven't had time to try it yet.