Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trish McEvoy Resort 2012 Collection

Just as I was hoping for a short spending breather - even if only for a week or so - in came a photo-laden introduction to Trish McEvoy's Resort Collection. There are a few pieces here that I must have. Bluemercury kindly numbered the items in the collection, so here's the run-down.
  1. New shades of Flawless Lip Color ($28.50): Coral Shimmer and Perfect Coral
  2. New shade of Luminous Eye Shadow ($25): Rose Gold, which I must have!
  3. New shade of Eye Definer ($16): Mahogany
  4. Intense Gel Eyeliner ($24): Arabian Nights
  5. New shade of Eye Base Essentials ($25): Nude
  6. New shade of Golden Glow Face Color ($35): Marla's Favorite
  7. Lash Curling Mascara ($30): Jet Black
Characterized by intense definition paired with a palette of warm sand-dune shadows, ocean-blue liner, and shimmering coral looks, the Resort Collection appears to be colorful - just like a Caribbean holiday in February. The collection is available now at Trish McEvoy counters and online. See anything tempting?

Photos courtesy of Bluemercury


lovethescents said...

Haven't tried anything from this line. I don't think it's available here. I'm not loving the look of that model, to be honest. SHE is stunning, but her makeup is too orangey for my taste, and the lippie doesn't quite go with the orange vibe. Am I catty today or what? :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents,

The colors are very warm. I agree. I bought the Rose Gold eye shadow, though. Hope to show it here in the next few days. Rain is predicted for tomorrow, so I may be impeded from getting good photos.

DEN said...

I have never been overly impressed by the longevity of Trish McEvoys eyeshadows, although her lip glosses and eye bases are nice. Years ago, I bought her whole palette system for travel, but the products never quite performed......fast forward to today....my heart belongs to LMDB!

Bruts Bees said...

that is cool that these are inffused with vitamins A and E to make lips plump. interesting.