Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Natura Bissé Diamond Extreme Eye

I'll admit to being an eye cream connoisseur. I have tried everything in hopes of finding the best of the best. I have developed a very short and exclusive list of the best of the best. My most recent addition to the list is Natura Bissé's Diamond Extreme Eye ($195).

Let's get this out of the way, it's pricey. You pay for luxury. I've grown accustomed that that - whether it's for fashion, cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, or art and jewelry. I fell for Diamond Extreme Eye immediately, seeing effects within days of my first use, and I've been hooked for months. When I fall, I fall hard.

Natura Bissé has translated the "language of luxury" into an eye cream that does it all. This eye treatment is considered an energizing lift for the eyes. It offers a dual lifting effect under the skin's surface and externally. My fine lines and wrinkles (hush) have been notably minimized. They aren't gone, but I don't see them as often. The area around my eyes is much more hydrated - and the effect lasts all day and all night. I apply it morning and before bed. I don't really have dark circles, but Diamond Extreme Eye is said to help with them too. It definitely helps take puffiness out from around the eyes by improving microcirculation and banishing the excess moisture under the skin. Mine is caused by sleeping on my right side most of the time - a no-no, but you do what you have to do to sleep at night. Applying Diamond Extreme Eye makes the skin around my eyes look smooth and healthy, and it feels much silkier than it did before I started using it. My initial applications were from a generous gift I received after my Pure Air Bubble Diamond White Facial. I bought it after I ran out of the sample.

Why is it so good? Science explains it. The formula presents a combination of active ingredients that fight the signs of aging in our most vulnerable skin - around the eyes. This extraordinary cream fights sagging on both the upper and lower eye lids and basically makes the skin more resilient. I expect to use my eye creams both over and under. I have little patience for eye creams that I can only use above my eyes or below my eyes. My attitude is, "Oh please...develop a formula that won't creep into my eyes when applied above them, or forget about it." There's just no reason to have different products for "over and under."

Diamond Extreme Eye contains artemia salina, a bio-energy source derived from plankton, a marine extract considered to be a high-energy precursor that stimulates cell metabolism. It also contains an innovative regenerating molecule called Epidermal Self-Modulator to reinforce the skin's natural barrier by targeting the nucleus of aging skin cells for maximum results. Created through biotechnology procedures and tested using DNA technology, it has a proven capability to modulate the renewal process of the skin, resulting in radiance and luminosity.

That's not all. Diamond Extreme Eye contains other ingredients plentiful in Natura Bissé's Diamond Collection, including ursolic acid, amino acids, soy proteins, sweet pea extract, and vitamins. The ingredients that reduce puffiness are carefully selected botanical extracts, such as gotu-kola, nori, white water lily, edelweiss, and licorice - a wide variety of natural ingredients that protect and strengthen the area's circulatory and lymphatic systems. Other eye creams may contain one of these ingredients. Diamond Extreme Eye offers a full complement of them.

This eye treatment contains skin-identical lipids found in amaranth oil, as well as mango and shea butters. These active ingredients provide a protective barrier that protects against moisture loss and dehydration. My skin was softened from the first application - and that was during the harsh end-of-winter months.

As if all that weren't enough, Diamond Extreme Eye has light interfering pigments that alter the way light is reflected on the skin. That's one way it helps with dark circles and radiance.

This amazing cream even comes with directions for application that depend on your major concerns.
  • To smooth those fine lines and wrinkles, apply Diamond Extreme Eye directly on the wrinkle(s) by holding the skin between two fingers and performing gentle circular movements. 
  • To increase firmness and elasticity, apply the treatment by performing circular movements, working from the inner corner of the eyebrows and finishing by gently tapping the eye contour area with the tips of your fingers.
  • To prevent dryness and dehydration, apply a generous layer on the upper and lower lids and massage with circular motions until fully absorbed.
  • To diminish the appearance of under-eye circles, gently massage from the inner to outer corner and back, repeating at least three times.
  • To diminish signs of signs of fatigue and puffy eyes, apply the cream through gentle, slow pumping movements from the inner to outer corner and back, repeating at least three times.
Seriously, who's going to do all that? I tap or lightly blend Diamond Extreme Eye all around my eyes and let it absorb. I might give any puffy area a few extra taps to stimulate lymphatic drainage. That's it. It works magnificently, without the extra application help.

Where can you find this wonderful eye treatment? I purchased my latest at Neiman Marcus. It's also available at Natura Bissé's Web site and specialty boutiques, such as SPACE.NK. Try it, particularly if you have aging or dry skin like I do. I think you will be delighted. If you don't have dry or aging skin, Natura Bissé has multiple targeted lines. You should learn more about the brand. Finding Natura Bissé is like finding Wonderland. Do you keep your anti-aging secrets to yourself, or do you share them with friends?

Photos courtesy of Natura Bissé


Anonymous said...

I've been using SK-II eye signature, and it's really good. Is the NB better than SKii?
Thank you!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous,

Maybe a reader can help. I've never used the SK-II, but I hear great things about it.

Victoria said...

I greatly enjoyed this post! I am not opposed to paying for luxury, but it had better be worth every single penny, which is why I no longer purchase eye creams, because all of the ones that I have tried in the past have never worked. Granted, I do tend to expect instantaneous or near-instantaneous results, in light of their exorbitant price-per-ounce. My under-eye bags are also genetic, which makes me think that eye creams are less likely to benefit me. I have actually contemplated surgery, but I don't know what the ramifications would be ten or more years down the road. Would love to hear the experiences of others!

Anonymous said...

I have used lA MER for many years...what are your other favorites?

Shannon (Lipstick Musings) said...

What a wonderful review! When I saw the price at the beginning of the post, even I, with my ridiculous talent for justifying high-end products, figured I'd not be interested in this one. However, as I read on, I realized this eye cream might actually be worth the price. Of course, I still have to clothe my 3 girls, so whether or not I'll be able to scrape together the cash (despite feeling justified) remains to be seen. :)

I like that this cream is formulated to address many signs of ageing rather than just one or two. I tend to have puffiness and circles more than lines at this point in my life, yet when I use treatments targeted for those issues I find that the skin around my eyes is dry and crepe-papery by late afternoon. Using most heavy-duty moisturizing products, especially at night, leaves me even puffier and darker in the morning. It's a frustrating conundrum.

I'm going to head to the Natura Bissé website right now to see what they may have to offer me. Thanks for introducing me to yet another vice! :)

Shannon (Lipstick Musings) said...
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Shannon (Lipstick Musings) said...

By the way, it's been quite some time since I visited you, due to a seriously crazy schedule between work and the kids over the last couple of months. I forgot how much I enjoy your posts and how I love your writing style! Thanks for bringing us the best of the best.

Charlestongirl said...

May, I know a lot about eye surgery. If you want to e-mail me at bestthingsinbeauty@gmail.com, I will get to you in a day or so. I'd love to share the info I have.

Most eye creams don't do much of anything, except hydrate.

Charlestongirl said...

Anonymous, no time to get back to you today, but I will. I have a list. Just no time.

Charlestongirl said...

Hey Shannon, go to a counter and get samples. They are pretty generous with them. :)

Unknown said...

Like May I have considered surgery for puffiness but not for under eyes but for my upper lids. If money weren't a concern it would be done by now. I've long said that the day after I win the lottery I'm in that operating room!
This sounds really promising if it does reduce puffiness of UPPER lids. I find so many eye creams are only designed for under eyes.

Reena said...

This eye cream is great, I want to try it on but I guess I can't spend my money on this. Is there other eye cream that can reduce eye puffiness without spending on much? thanks

Charlestongirl said...

PP, you might also want to try the Perricone serum I featured about a month ago.

Charlestongirl said...

Reena, first, you need to figure out the root cause of the puffiness. If shifting fat cells are the cause, no cream in the world will help. Once you know the cause, you should be able to select a product. For inexpensive, nothing beats a 20-minute rest on the pillows with a bag of frozen baby peas on your eyes. Protect your eyes with gauze pads.

Unknown said...

hey cg, my birthday is coming up, 5th june :)

Charlestongirl said...

LOL, Mahwish!