Friday, October 5, 2012

Giorgio Armani Cosmetics Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Palette in #7, Saharan Blush

Giorgio Armani has launched eight new Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow Palettes ($59), and I had to have seven of them. As you know, I have been featuring them as I've been able to get swatch photos. Today, let's take a look at Saharan Blush (#07). If you want to know more about these new shadows and why they are unique, check out the coming attraction feature I published on September 24.

I have been delighted with each and every palette I purchased. They are fabulous! I need to stop gushing and write. I know you want to get to the photos.

Saharan Blush (#07) offers a gradation from summer's Saharan sky shades, from blush pink to hot sandy brown. An extremely glowing rose turns into an eggshell tone, reminding us of the color of the sun reflecting on the Saharan landscape at sunrise. A bright rose that could be seen in the sky colors the palette before setting in a hot brown.

All four of these shades are sheer, but offer buildable coverage. I swatched heavily with a sponge-tipped applicator and took my photos in full sun. This palette three offers perfect, glowing basic shades and one matte brown.

The pink at the top of the palette, shown at the top of my arm, is an icy pink with a beautiful "sheen" finish. It's a dead ringer for the icy pink shade at the top of #8, Parma. The warm peachy pink also offers a pretty sheen on the eyelids. It's a great base color, one you'll use often to open up your eyes. The virbrant cool pink has the same glowing finish and a lot more pink pigment than the pink at the top. The brown is a warm brown - exactly what's you expect from the desert sands. It's a tad cooler on my skin that it looks in these photos.

I will probably wear the top three pink shades with a cooler brown than this one - just because of my skin tone. This brown looks good on me when it's applies sheerly. I love pink-brown contrasts. I'll show you #2 next. With its earth tones, it is a perfect palette for mixing and matching with Saharan Blush.

The collection still isn't available at Giorgio Armani Beauty's Web site, but you can buy it at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus for sure. I purchased this one at the Saks in Chevy Chase.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


lovethescents said...

Oh THIS is another stunning one! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME C-GIRL????? Between this and Parma, I'm a dead woman ;-)

Charlestongirl said...

LOL, Lovethescents,

It's called doomed.

Becca @ The Beauty Sample said...

Aahhhk--pretty! I don't own any GA palettes yet but I definitely plan on getting one. I think I may get the other purple one you reviewed though. That one is DEF up my alley! :D

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I think I like this one best of all! Thanks for the beautiful swatches!

lov2read68 said...

I have drooled all the way through your review of these! I think Parma & Maestro are my favorites but that could change if you ask me tomorrow! I haven't ventured into GA yet but what I've seen over the last few months on blogs has definitely caught my attention!

Bonnie C. said...

I think I prefer the Parma palette over this one, the brown shade just seems to come out of no where. Both are pretty, but the Parma is REALLY pretty. :-)