Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NEST Fragrances Body & Soul Sprays

Yesterday, as I sprayed myself - my whole self - with NEST Fragrance's Body & Soul Spray ($48) in Orange Blossom, I had a sudden bout of euphoria. Seriously, I wanted to jump into the air and click my heels together. If it weren't for my back, I would have.

NEST's Body & Soul Sprays, technically eau de toilettes, remind me of aromatherapy. Any scent I can spray to elicit a feeling of well-being and pleasure is a tonic in a bottle.

After Orange Blossom had died down, I sprayed myself with Grapefruit Body & Soul Spray and re-ignited my euphoria. NEST's Body & Soul Sprays are like a drug. Who needs pills when a eau de toilette can make you this happy? I must purchase a bottle of Grapefruit for a friend who adores the scent. I'm not giving mine up.

NEST Fragrances introduced its Body & Soul Sprays this month to complement its existing Body Wash and Body Cream fragrances, which were introduced last summer. NEST customers and loyal followers, who have been scenting their homes for years with NEST's luxurious candles, diffusers, and soaps, repeatedly requested personal fragrances to match their favorite scents. Now, we can layer one of six scents, starting with the Body Wash, following a bath or shower with Body Cream, and then spraying the Body & Soul Spray with abandon. Because the sprays are a generous 3.4 ounces, you can spritz at will. Need another hit every few hours? Easy! The large bottles encourage you to spray. Too large to take with you? Decant a bit into a travel spray.

Imagine, you are sitting in a depressing meeting at work. You've lost all incentive to participate. Why bother? You've lost interest, hearing nothing but "blah, blah, blah." You excuse yourself for some water (whatever), and you spritz with Moss & Mint Body & Soul Spray. Your senses awaken your mind. You return, energized, and you solve the problem the group is discussing. Not only that, your colleagues gained a new impression of you - smart and attractive. All it took was a little NEST.

Packaged in custom-designed ombré glass bottles that corresponds to each fragrance, the new Body & Soul Sprays are lightly scented to perfume and refresh the skin while enlivening the senses with spirited, best-selling NEST fragrances that span the most important fragrance categories: citrus, floral, fresh, and spice. There's a fragrance choice for everyone.
  • Bamboo (floral): flowering bamboo, white florals, sparkling citrus, and fresh green accords (I think this may be the most popular NEST candle)
  • Grapefruit (citrus): pink pomelo grapefruit, watery green nuances. lily of the valley, and coriander blossom
  • Moroccan Amber (spice): Moroccan amber, sweet patchouli, heliotrope, bergamot, and eucalyptus
  • Moss & Mint (fresh): Garden Mint, apple blossom, muguet, oakmoss, and vetiver
  • Orange Blossom (floral): orange blossom, orchid, tiare flower, freesia, tangerine, lemon, and musk
  • Wasabi Pear (fruit): Anjou pear, fresh and ozonic watery notes, and wasabi
The scent from the Body & Soul Sprays lasts and hour or two on me. When I need a new fix, I just spritz again. I cover my neck, arms, and when I'm home, my uniform T-shirt. I've sprayed my hair and my knees. I'm sure I'll be telegraphing a blooming orange grove when I go to my doctor's appointment on Friday. I know he appreciates nice fragrances. Perhaps Orange Blossom will inspire him to aim that needle right at the nasty nerve that's giving me problems.

I think the Body & Soul Sprays could be even more refreshing if kept in the refrigerator during the summer. Envision coming in from a hot day and heading straight to the frig. Not for a drink, but for a spritz. Maybe both.

Everyone needs at least one of these. I want all of them except Moroccan Amber, which I would like if it weren't for the patchouli (a note which which I have a bad relationship). NEST sent me Orange Blossom, Wasabi Pear, and Grapefruit. Now I must order Bamboo (seriously need) and Moss & Mint. I'm using Moss & Mint Liquid Hand Soap for my hands right now, having just finished my Orange Blossom, and I love the scent.

The new Body & Soul Sprays - all unisex - are available at select Neiman Marcus stores,, Bergdorf Goodman and its online site, and at the NEST Fragrances Web site. If you spend $100 at NEST, shipping is free, so I stock up when I order.

Photos courtesy of NEST Fragrances


Swathi Narumanchi said...

Hi CG,

I have never been compelled to comment on any fragrance post, because honestly, my collection and understanding of fragrances it almost next to non existence.

But I love love LOVE the way you wrote the post. It is quite brilliant. :) Made me smile and want the fragrances, and unfortunately they don't ship international !

Oh and I finally ordered my LMdB Bauhaus kit yesterday as soon as it was back in stock at Zuneta, can't wait !

Eileen said...

I'm always eager to try a new orange blossom. I'll have to have a sniff when I'm at Neiman's today. I must admit, though, I'm very partial to Jo Malone's Orange Blossom. That one smells just like the orchards in our valley when they're abloom. I don't mind spritezing frequently. In fact I like switching things up and don't necessarily want to be stuck with the same fragrance all day. It's like with my tinted lip balms. As the day progresses, I feel like a bit of a variation in lip color. So, too, with my fragrances. Variety keeps my sense of smell sharp.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Swathi,

Oh, that's too bad! You would LOVE NEST.

Charlestongirl said...

Eileen, give these a try. There are so many nice fragrances. I really want them all - except the amber one (just not me).

MoonRae said...

These all sound wonderful!! Especially the Moroccan Amber, I'm a huge patchouli & amber fan!! Looks like there's a scent for everyone!
Thanks for the review


Paula said...

Hello Charleston Girl,

This makes me want to import NEST fragrances, you have thoroughly convinced me and it is just the right time of the year for this kind of spray. As a matter of fact, I was in the store last week looking at orange fragrances and some smelled more like bitter orange..... perhaps I will have more luck with NEST. Thank you for this tip !