Sunday, February 17, 2013

New: Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes to Kill Quad Shimmer in #9

It's curious that the Giorgio Armani Beauty Web site and Neiman Marcus call the four new palettes, Eyes to Kill 4-Color Eye Shadow Palettes Eyes to Kill Quad Shimmers ($59), since the box and the palette itself mention nothing about shimmer. I think that's going to confuse more than a few of Armani's customers. It did me.

The four new Eyes to Kill Quad Shimmers are said to feature iridescent, eye-catching colors with electric shine and shimmer. "Irresistible with its extremely soft, sensory appeal, the eye shadow arms the eyes with a flawless weapon all day long."

These new eye shadow palettes are available now. The shades are 09, Medusa; 10, Mirage (with peach tones), 11, Mystery (with taupe tones), and 12, Fatal (with pink lavender tones). Don't look for those names anywhere except Armani online. There is no trace of them on the packaging or compacts - just numbers. I purchased three at Neiman Marcus. Today, I will show you #9 (Medusa). I also came home with #10 and #11. I'll get photos soon - hopefully tomorrow. I passed on #12, Fatal, because the shades aren't me.

Naturally, I was drawn to the greens in #9. Armani's photo at the top of this feature is too dark. I think mine, directly above, represents the colors more accurately.

The compact has two levels. You'll find the eye shadows on the top tier. The lower tier has two dual-ended sponge-tipped applicators. The compact is luxurious, featuring Armani's signature magnetic snap closure.

I took swatch photos in full, morning sun. I applied each shade with a sponge--tipped applicator. That's when I noticed that these shades have more pigment than Armani's previously introduced Eyes to Kill shadows. The difference isn't dramatic. I also noticed that the finish - the promised shimmer - is a mirage. Perhaps that's why one is called Mirage? In #9, the top and bottom shades are matte, and the two greens offer a subtle shimmer. All of the shades are pretty, but I think it's a stretch to reference electric shine.

You be the judge from the swatch photos. I swatched, top to bottom, in the same order in which the shades are presented in the palette. The red-toned brown complements the greens. I would like it better if it were less red, but that's a personal preference.

The greens are glorious. The shimmering mint shade is perfect for spring - so fresh. The second green is hard to describe. I'd call it the color of fresh peas, but there is a tiny hint of blue in it. It is definitely not khaki, as it appears in Armani's photo. The two greens look great layered or blended into a green symphony for the lids.

The charcoal eyeliner shade looks great on me when combined with the greens. Again, it's just a personal preference, but it's jarring on my fair skin when paired with the red-toned brown. Many of you know that I'm a total Giorgio Armani Beauty fanatic. I never find anything to criticize. This may be a first.

Despite the red-toned brown, I'm very glad I purchased this palette. The greens remind me of Armani's transparent silk blouses that personify elegance.

Today, you can purchase three of the four shades at the Giorgio Armani Beauty Web site. You can find all four at Neiman Marcus at Tysons Galleria (click on the Neiman Marcus link to see all four palettes). I'm sure that they will arrive at all Armani counters soon, if they aren't available already. I'll show you the other two this week.

Photo at top courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Nemo said...

How does this lovely quad compare to Guerlain's Les Verts from some time back?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Nemo,

Here are old swatch photos of Les Verts.

I think I like the Guerlain palette better because of the browns.

Nemo said...

Thank you very much! Loved your honest comment on the NM and Saks beauty events.

Becca @ The Beauty Sample said...

Ooh ooh ooh--you got it!! I knew you would have swatches up soon ;) I just heard about these yesterday and I am DYING to try one (or two). I hadn't seen any info on Mirage on the GA site, so this is the first I'm hearing about it. I'm dying to try Medusa, Mystery, and Fatal though! All 3 are so, so gorgeous! And as per usual with GA, the shades look pigmented and super smooth and the shimmer is very subtle and tastefully done!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Becca, what until you see the taupe colors! Lust-worthy!

morelikespace said...

I was thinking of picking up the Pantelleria eye shadow quad that was released last November, but this one looks lovely as well...

angusmum1 said...

Anyone from Canada know what department stores carry Armani? I am in rural Ontario so its a bit isolated but would welcome any info for when I do go shopping, always seems to be so much to do by that time. I havent seen at Sears, maybe The Bay?, do any of the Shoppers Drug Mart beauty botique stores carry? I have found Geurlain, Lancome, Dior etc at various SDM Beauty boutiques, it does vary by store. I had an advent calendar in Dec with beauty items (so much fun)and was able to try Armani mascara, primer etc and loved it.

Meredith said...

I have frequently noticed that your photos are extremely accurate colorwise with all the products I have purchased. Yours are much better than the ones put out by the companies! Maybe you should start another business by becoming a photographer for cosmetics companies!

Wwendalynne said...

To angusmum1:

I too am in Canada and I also live in rural Ontario and in complete juxtaposition to my country lifestyle, I am total fashion and beauty junkie. My best advice: Set up an account at to ship your items to a legitimate US address and then on to Canada. I buy many premium brands which many of the major US department stores simply cannot ship across the border due to limitations brought about by selling rights. Armani and Tom Ford are two of my personal favs which I cannot have shipped to Canada directly. Yes, you end up spending more money to ship items twice, but if you are careful and combine purchases or purchase during free shipping events which are common, then it is not quite as painful. Also, you will not find many premium brands such as Armani, Tom Ford, Guerlain outside of the big city centers and nor will you find them in the drug stores. On the other hand, if you prefer to shop in person, your best bet, particularly for Armani, would be Holt Renfrew. They also accept orders over the telephone, but do not have any form of on-line shopping (which always make me gasp at how many sales they are missing.. imagine!) Anyhow, I hope you find this information helpful.

Elysse said...

Some times with Armani's shadows I get the feel that they are made with olive skin tones in mind. It's a gorgeous palette! I must try it in case I'm allergic to it. I don't try things unless I really really love them in case I get a reaction, but I would risk it for those greens! They are marvellous and I don't know of any that are remotely similar,