Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sisley Paris Botanical D-Tox Detoxifying Night Treatment

Sisley has introduced a new detoxifying night treatment, Botanical D-Tox ($240), a one-month treatment that works while you sleep. Our sleeping time is said to be the most favorable time for cellular regeneration, necessary to combat the signs of aging. That's why you use Botanical D-Tox at night.

The predecessor product (Sero-Botanique) to Botanical D-Tox was extremely effective, but it had a strong odor - natural, but strongly "medicinal." The odor turned me off. I love natural fragrances, but it was just too strong for my nose. Who wants to go to bed feeling assaulted? (Sorry, Sisley!) This new product has a refreshing, natural botanical fragrance, due, no doubt, to the lavender, rosemary, and sage. The scent relaxes me.

Botanical D-Tox is highly concentrated in plant extracts. It intervenes globally at three major levels of the skin's detoxification chain. It performs its magic with a long list of main components, some of which were tested ex vivo and some in vitro.
  • Peptidic rice extract (a new Sisley ingredient) promotes the detoxification of cells by stimulating the elimination of damaged proteins.
  • Einkorn wheat extract combats the oxidative stress that accelerates the aging of our skin.
  • Ginkgo biloba extract promotes cutaneous micro-circulation.
  • Rosemary extract stimulates and tones.
  • Hop extract revitalizes the skin.
  • Sage and rosemary essential oils purify and help the skin regain its optimal tone.
  • Matricaria chamomile flower extract softens and smoothes.
  • Marjoram essential oil calms the skin.
  • Lavender essential oil possesses balancing properties (and its fragrance puts me in the mood to sleep).
  • Vegetable glycerine moisturizes.
  • Shea butter nourishes.
  • Sunflower oil loosens dead skin cells and surface "gunk"
Sisley calls Botanical D-Tox a "shock treatment" for your skin. That sounds a bit dramatic.  What is really does is remove the toxins from your skin, purifying it, and stimulate your skin's natural defenses against oxidative stress.

This fluid, fresh, non-oily emulsion is designed to be used as a one-month treatment by applying it after cleansing before bed time to the face, neck, and chest area on its own or under your usual night cream. It's moisturizing enough that you don't need to cover it with moisturizer, but you can if your skin is very dry.

Who is it for?
Botanical D-Tox was created for everyone who needs an intensive anti-aging treatment. If you feel your complexion has dulled or you have noticed accentuated lines or stress in your face, you will love this one-month luxurious treatment. It will restore your good looks.

I have extremely sensitive skin. I've used it with no side effect - only fabulous results for one week (Sisley representatives gave me enough samples for a week). I noticed an improvement in my skin after the first night of use. It's also said to be suitable for those with oily skin because it's non-comedogenic.

The treatment is ideal for city dwellers, who are exposed to more air pollution than those who live in rural areas. It's particularly useful for night owls, who tend to neglect their skin and sleep time.

What results can you expect?
From the very first days of use, you skin should be more beautiful, and your expression lines (don't we all prefer to call them that?) will be relaxed. Your skin should be energized and better prepared to benefit from your usual daily skin care.

How often should you use it? 
It's a pricey treatment (although no pricier than other luxury treatments from lines like La Mer). If you are going to invest in it, how long should your investment last? One bottle will take care of your one-month treatment, and you may have some product left. That will depend on how heavily you apply the emulsion. I found that I needed very little to cover my entire face and neck - and that's unusual because my face slurps products. My Sisley representatives recommend that you consider repeating the one-month treatment every three to six months, depending on how you feel your skin looks. It's up to you.

You can find this wonder-product at all Sisley counters. If you have questions or want help, call Loula Ayoub at Tysons at (703) 761-1600, extension 3230, or Vicki Hamilton at Mazza Gallerie at (202) 966-9700, extension 2288. They would be happy to help you - they are good people.

Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus


Ginger said...

Hi CG! I'm excited about the new Sisley products this Spring. Did you check out the new Intense Mascara? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. I picked up the new under eye concealer and it's fabulous. I also read that they are re-releasing the L'Orchidee Bronzer! I'm super excited about that since I wasn't able to get one when it came out a few seasons ago.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Ginger,

I have seen the mascara and concealer and would have purchased them if I had more money. I wish Sisley would adopt me.

Anonymous said...

Can I use D-tox around my eyes?
I just bought it. :))

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that after using the D-tox for two nights, I see a very definite difference in the clarity of my skin. I will update this notice as I continue. My question is: Since I have being using a retina .1 product, can I use these in conjunction with each other or should I wait until I finish this treatment.