Monday, March 25, 2013

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Eye Palette from the Lilac Rose Collection

There's one thing about Bobbi Brown's Lilac Rose Collection I think we can all appreciate - no matter what our color preferences may be. The promotional photograph is gorgeous! I love flowers, and I would have days of bliss if this arrangement were in my living room.

I had an opportunity last month to feature the divine Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick. At the time, I wasn't able to get swatch photos of the Lilac Rose Eye Palette ($60). Finally, I have a few to show you! Fresh from the runway, Bobbi has paired heather grey with pops of bright pinks and purples in the Lilac Rose Collection, creating her own twist on this season's prettiest trends.

A modern take on spring florals, this mirrored compact features eight mix-and-match eye shadows in the season's most-wanted looks: heathery neutrals and dusty pinks designed to flatter all skin tones. The palette includes a range of textures, from Shimmer Wash to Metallic shades, for buildable color that blooms beautifully. With a deep charcoal shade that doubles up as an eyeliner too, this floral-inspired palette is our freshest pick for eyes.

With an overabundance of Bobbi Brown Palettes staring at my from my various storage locations and a strong desire for Bobbi to introduce far more single eye shadows, why did I purchase the Lilac Rose Eye Palette? Because it's filled with beautiful taupe shades, along with complementary shades that, for the most part, I can wear.

Here is Bobbi Brown's shade chart.

I took swatch photos in full sun, applying each shade with a sponge-tipped applicator. I swatched each tier - or pull-out drawer - in clockwise order, starting at the top of my arm. I didn't spend much time trying to photograph the ubiquitous Ivory Eye Shadow. It barely shows on my pale arm.

You might see Ivory peeking out above Pale Rose Eye Shadow at the top of my arm. Pale Rose is a matte, very muted/greyed pink. Stormy Grey Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow is the winner of the top tier. It's a beautiful, saturated taupe. Love it! The icy pink at the bottom of my arm is Pink Lily Metallic Eye Shadow.

While I was out snapping photos, I started to lose my sun. Nevertheless, I saw the star magnolia bud, pretty in pink, trying to break free of its sheath. I took the photo above. to show the bottom tier shades. There's a sunnier photo below.

Barely There Eye Shadow at the top of my arm is my kind of shade. It's a very light taupe that is absolutely perfect for my pale face. The coordinating Heather Brown
Eye Shadow below is a gorgeous, lively taupe shade. These two shades are my favorites in the Lilac Rose Palette. Black Chocolate Eye Shadow was a good choice for the palette, with all the taupe and pink colors. It is dark enough to define the eyes, but doesn't have the edge of black. I don't really care for Dusty Lilac Eye Shadow at the bottom of my arm directly above. It's the kind of shade that makes me look tired and my eyes red.

For a short behind-the-scenes look at Bobbi in action as she takes us through her new Lilac Rose Collection, click on this YouTube link. The Lilac Rose Collection is a available at Bobbi Brown counters and Bobbi Brown's Web site.

Photos at top courtesy of Bobbi Brown; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


VancouverChic said...

Hi C-Girl,
I bought the palette about 2 weeks ago from Neiman Marcus - it was a *had to have it* palette. I am so glad I bought it - the colors are gorgeous! The lilac shows more true lilac on my eyes. It makes my green eyes pop. I think it is one of her nicest palettes to date. I also ordered the lilac sparkle eye shadow and will have it this week. I am usually not a lavender fan, but the palette and the sparkle eye shadow was a must have. I had the greenest eyes around for St-Paddy's Day! Highly recommend. The wear time is fantastic on them.
Warm Regards,

GlamKitty said...

I, too, found the ads irresistible--all those glorious flowers, arriving on my computer screen during the winter doldrums? Buying it seemed like a no-brainer! Unfortunately, though, it doesn't look nearly as nice on me as anticipated. I'm super-pale, "porcelain" in BB's foundations, with green eyes, but because I have so little color of my own, I actually seem to look a *lot* better--meaning, not-so-much-on-my-deathbed, LOL--with *more* rather than less color... and these just don't pack the needed punch to achieve it. Will probably have to resort to layering these, wet, and going with bolder cheeks and lips. Oh, well; not every palette can suit everyone. :)

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I think I'm in love with this palette. I love lavenders/purples to bring out the green in my hazel eyes. And Bobbi's shimmer is subtle, so I love it. Thanks for the beautiful swatches.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Joanne,

This palette should be really flattering on you.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi GlamKitty!

Wow, porcelain is extra-light. I would think the taupes would look good on you, but not the heather pinks. You can always use the taupes and then add a pop to your face with your lip color.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi MamaVal,

I guess you green-eyed gals are the perfect customers for the Lilac Rose Eye Palette.

Ellen said...

I agree with you, I love Bobb's make your own palettes, but there are fewer and fewer choices for me to fill them with! She needs to update her singles selection, and update her blushes instead of concentrating on very expensive palettes each season that, recently, have each had only a few usable shades. I was going to overlook this one completely, thinking the shades were too cool for me. But your insistence that they will look great with green eyes means I will have to check it out. I have the Desert Twighlight palette from the fall. The shades ate amazing on me, but only three are usable, the remainder are sheer shimmers that one only ever needs one of, not four!! That's why, for the money, I'd rather put together my own combination. But she no longer makes six eyeshadows I want to buy! Her foundations are also excellent quality, but she has no options for cooler skontones. Any recommendations for lines more appropriate for us pale, cooler colored gals?