Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dior Vernis in Golden Light from the Pink Champagne Collection for Neiman Marcus

Dior's limited-edition Pink Champagne Collection, an exclusive at Neiman Marcus, features two Dior Vernis nail lacquers: Golden Light, shown above, and Tutu, a baby pink that fits its name perfectly. Both are $24.

I allowed myself to select one. It was a tough decision. Although I have many gold nail lacquers, Golden Light must have exerted a gravitational pull. I had to leave Tutu behind. To me, gold is a neutral; pink isn't. Then again, pink would look very pretty with all the black, navy, and brown I wear to work.

Here is a photo of Golden Light at my house, with sunlight radiating all around the bottle. I had used it only to apply the first coat for my swatch photos, so I was surprised by the fluid level when I turned it on its side. That air bubble decided to float to the top, making the photo relatively useless.

Golden Light is a very sheer nail lacquer. Although I could have stopped at two coats, for a sheer, pretty gold nail, I applied three coats to get maximum color and shine. In person, the sparkles don't appear quite as evident as they do in direct sunlight, but it's snazzy nonetheless.

The color is a champagne gold, light and pretty. Think of the sparkles as the champagne's bubbles. It's a perfect rendition - except for the theme of pink champagne. You'll have to get your pink from Tutu.

This collection is available online at If you would like to work with a Dior representative and don't know one, call (703) 761-1600 and ask for the Dior counter (extension 3787), then ask for Ewa McDonald (pronounced Eva). Or you could call an extraordinary sales associate, Marilyn Schubert, at the same phone number, requesting extension 3286.

Photos at top courtesy of Neiman Marcus; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Anonymous said...

I believe the same polish was a part of their 2012 Golden Jungle collection - but I'm not sure ))

lovethescents said...

Beautiful gold. The pink looks so pretty too!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Nina,

I don't know either. I guess I could Google it.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents,

The Dior rep was thrilled with the pink. Kept pushing me that way. I guess I'm a gold kind of gal.

Anonymous said...

I just checked my cosmetic "vault" and found two versions of this polish that I bought last summer as a part of Golden Jungle collection: Golden Light from Nordstrom and Golden Era from Macy's ))) Both have the same #207. I never noticed they had different names!

Oh well, Dior is known for giving different names to the same polishes. I remember the confusion they created with Aztec Chocolate aka New World Purple. Same here with Golden Era/Light - Golden Jungle/ Pink Champagne I guess :))

Charlestongirl said...

Laughing, Nina. I guess it's a lot cheaper for them to pull one out of the vault than to tweak it.

Gauri said...

I ♥ the color! It looks wearable for office :)

Mandy said...

Oh my dear heavens, tutu is so beautiful! I'm a huge sucker for pink polishes. It looks like the sweetest pink shade alive. Thanks for the post!!