Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lancôme Blush Subtil Palette in Nectar Lace - Face Sculpting & Illuminating All-in-One Contour, Blush & Highlighter

Because Lancôme's Blush Subtil Palette in Nectar Lace (#126, $42), a Face Sculpting & Illuminating All-in-One Contour, Blush & Highlighter, is categorized in the corals/reds, I wouldn't have given it much attention. My eyes usually zero in on the pinks and berries.

Last week, Cheryl Ganzer, a great makeup artist who was working at a Lancôme event, chose Nectar Lace for my blush, and I was smitten. It looked great! You may like this three-pan palette too when you see what it really looks like. My palette photo below is color-true. It makes me wonder about the Lancôme shot. This difference alone should explain why I passed by Nectar Lace while shopping online.

Sensationally Smooth. All-in-One Blush Palette to sculpt and enhance your best features. Artistry is made easy with three simple steps to contour, blush, and highlight your complexion. For any skin tone, any face shape - your complexion is naturally enhanced. Define your face, enhance, or diminish any features for a complexion that is illuminated and brightened.

I was engaged in a fun discussion during the Tom Ford event, so I paid little attention to Cheryl as she brightened my face. I think she only applied the blush, but she could have slipped on a bit of the highlighter.

There is a contour color on the left. Lancôme suggests you sweep the contour shade under your cheekbones - and if you can't find the spot, purse your lips to located the natural countour area beneath your cheekbones. The blush pan in the middle should be applied to the apples of your cheeks. The highlighter shade can be applied on the upper cheekbone and around the outer or inner corners of the eyes, uncer the brow bone, or wherever you want to glow.

I took swatch photos in full mid-day sunlight. I swatched with a sponge-tipped applicator, and I applied the swatches relatively heavily.

I love the contour shade at the top of my arm. It's a nice light brown - not too cool, not too warm. The blush, is stunning. It is coral, but I see a lot of pink in it. It looks sunny and bright on my face. The highlighter is a pretty gold that isn't too sparkly.

I think these colors are luscious! I am so happy that Cheryl selected them for me. Otherwise, I would never have known that the roses, Rose Flush and Framboise Flirt, weren't the only colors for me.

Next time I have color family choices at Lancôme's Web site, I'll go to the counter and check them out. I may find buried treasure. You can find the Blush Subtil Palettes at wherever Lancôme is sold. I purchased mine at Neiman Marcus.

Photo at top courtesy of Neiman Marcus; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Unknown said...

Very pretty colour. I think it would look good on all skin tones. It didnt look very appealing when I saw it on the Lancôme website but the colours in your swatch look lovely. I'll go check it in the store.

Anonymous said...

It's a wonder that women buy some products based on poor quality photos on corporate websites. I,would have passed on this product, but your wonderful photo and swatches means that I'll check it out.

Charlestongirl said...

It's really pretty, Dollie. Hope you like it.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Maureen,

The worst part is that you never know whether it's a good picture or bad until you get the product.

Dawn said...

Oh wow that blush is gorgeous! I'm not much of a Lancome fan but I think I'm going to need this. The contour shade doesn't look like it'll turn orange either like most do on me. I've been loving my D&G blush right now and want more but this is going to the top of my list! :-)

Polarbelle said...

oh my, that is so pretty!!!

Charlestongirl said...

Dawn, it shouldn't turn orange.

Charlestongirl said...

It would look good on you, Shelley!

Aging Ophelia said...

It's a beautiful palette, and just by chance, I have a similar set of colors by another company.

These aren't the kind of colors I used to wear, either, but since going blond a couple of years ago, new shade families have opened up for me. I just got the trio a few months back, and love it with almost everything.

bedazzled64 said...

I totally agree with you about this palette, it is wonderful. When I bought this, I had a hard time deciding between the four different palettes and I ended up buying the Nectar Lace. So glad I did, its absolutely gorgeous! Love the case its in as well.

Brenda Penton said...

Wow! What a difference from the site! The colors look too warm for me as it appears on the site.

What lovely colors they ended up being!