Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge - Swatched

Last week, I showed you Bobbi Brown's new Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge ($25). If you didn't see the feature, please click here. I received mine from Bobbi Brown yesterday. There was a break in the clouds today, and I hobbled outside to take a few photos. All proceeds are going to Dress for Success, so I needed to tempt a few of you.

I took photos in full sun mid-day. I swatched with my finger. It's so creamy, it applies and blends nicely with my fingers. I also used a cream concealer brush to apply it to my cheeks. Magnifique!

I think this is a beautiful pink - warm enough for almost all of us - no matter what our skin tones.

You can purchase this beauty at Bobbi Brown's Web site. If you didn't read my earlier feature, you can read all about this special Pot Rouge there.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Veronica said...

Such a pretty color - just what I needed to see on this dreary windy rainy day! Thank you for the swatches - please get back to relaxing- you are supposed to be on vacation!!! :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Veronica,

We had the same - dreary and windy.

I did go back to relaxing. I had to. My foot is worse and any kind of walking is very painful. Seeing orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. Sigh!

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I definitely felt that it was a warm pink...almost a peachy pink on my skin. I love it!

Sad to hear that your foot isn't feeling better, but maybe that's a sign for you to slow down? You do so much. Someone to watch over Mom for you when you're recuperating???

Meredith said...

Oh boy, that is not good to hear (about the ortho surgeon). I wonder if you broke a blood vessel and now have a huge hematoma that is creating terrible pressure and pain. We'll find out soon what's going on and then be able to proceed in getting your foot all well again. Windy, dark and rainy here too. Guess we should all go live in Hawaii.

Gauri said...

This sounds so good, I ♥ how you describe blushes :)

bisbee said...

I got mine as well...pretty color indeed!

Good luck at the Dr....let us know the verdict when you can...

Charlestongirl said...

So, the foot (almost certainly) has a stress fracture. I now have to wear a big boot for six weeks. I am not having fun!

Anonymous said...

I love cream blushes and liquid blushes, and I love Bobbi Brown, so this is a total winner for me :-)

Eileen said...

Oh, no! I'm so sorry to hear about the boot. It is better than a cast, though. At least you can take the boot off to bathe. Take good care of yourself and mend quickly.

I love Bobbi's pot rouge and knowing that 100% of the purchase price was going to Dress for Sucess made it irrisistable.

Now go put that foot up and get some rest! :-)

Wendy said...

The rouge looks gorgeous on your skin tone! It shows up as a very pale pink/plum on my lips. It looks true to color on my cheeks.

I'm late to the conversations and haven't been reading/participating on the Friday chats since my computer crashed a couple months ago. Finally got a new hard drive installed a month ago. And, I have yet to immerse myself fully back into cyber world.

Sorry to hear about your foot. My girlfriend had a calcaneal stress fracture last spring while training for the London marathon. Had to postpone the marathon for this year. Hopefully, she'll be able to train properly for it. It's been a brutal recovery because she developed tendonitis after the stress fracture healed. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Hope your mom is doing well. My husband and his two brothers are taking turns caring for his mom. I couldn't imagine having to care for her alone. It's a full time job.

Rest and heal!

Editor said...

What a pretty color! Hope you get better soon!