Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pevonia Spa Clinica - The Aesthetician's Choice for Professional Skin Care

Recently, I hit the jackpot when I was offered the opportunity to try Pevonia Spa Clinica's new skin care. I've been using four products twice/day for a couple of weeks, and I am very impressed with them (I won't recommend long-term skin care after only a week's use). One reader recently asked me to tell you more about skin care. What better way to start than with a customized system, comprised with products that will address your own concerns?

The regimen that I received is as simple as 1, 2, 3 - literally. Actually, there's a 4. Each product is labeled. While I don't need the reminder that toner is applied after the cleanser, I know that some customers will appreciate the numbered system. Here's what I've been using.
  • Pevonia Anti-Aging Cleanser ($23)
  • Pevonia Anti-Aging Toner ($18)
  • Pevonia Wrinkle Serum ($39)
  • Pevonia Anti-Aging Moisturizer ($67)
If you purchase a full, four-product regimen, you can save money - a lot of money. The basic regimen price for four products is only $96. Add one serum, and the regimen is priced at $121. Add another, and the price goes up to only $136. That's less than I normally pay for one product!

Many women feel skin care is a confusing mix and match: this cleanser, that moisturizer, a counter cluttered with lotions and potions (I plead guilty to that one). No matter how good the products, skin care used improperly or without guidance from a trained professional can produce less then stellar results. Pevonia wants to take the guesswork out of your routine.

Studies show that consistency can make your skin-care products dramatically more effective than they would be if used randomly or occasionally. You can even accidentally use products that might be incompatible. For example, if you use both retinol and strong acids on your face, you can end up with a red, peeling mess.

Pevonia Spa Clinica provides targeted, powerhouse Four-Step Regimens, each designed to tackle a woman's individual skin conditions. There's a Skin Perfecting Regimen with retinol to treat sun damage and discoloration; a Breakout Erase Regimen, with triple-action acids to heal and prevent adult acne; an Anti-Aging Regimen with collagen to repair fine lines and wrinkles; and a Redness Relief Regimen with green tea to calm redness and sensitivity. Each regimen contains an important primary ingredient, such as retinol or collagen.

The regimens are flexible. You can mix and match at Step 3, and you can incorporate additional Step 3 products, such as Under Eye Serum to minimize circles and puffiness or Aging Eye to combat fine lines. There are even more specialized Step 3 products, so how would you know what's best for you? That's why you see the space above between the Wrinkle Serum and the Moisturizer. I need to fit in an Aging Eye Serum.

Now we get to a unique service. Pevonia Spa Clinica's aestheticans make house calls. While they won't show up at your door (heaven forbid if you haven't cleaned house), they are available from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PST every day. You can have your own spa professional on call. Don't want to talk on the phone? Use the intuitive Web site to identify your concerns and the products that will work for you. You can even upload a photo for a free analysis by an aesthetician, who will suggest the regimen that's best for you. They want you to succeed. I'm pretty impressed by that.

I'll admit (I expect a little backlash) that I don't usually use toner. Many of them are filled with alcohol, so I read the ingredients of Pevonia's Anti-Aging Toner the moment it arrived. I was blown away. Not only is it formulated without alcohol, it has an amazingly effective list of ingredients: collagen, hyaluronic acid, a marine elastin, vitamin E, and botanicals. Not only that, it feels good (cooling) and smells good. I'm hooked. The ingredients for each product are listed online, which is great for women who know their allergies. Not only that, I recognize most of them. As a skin care devotee, I'm impressed that they contain the same ingredients of the "luxury" lines, and they don't contain the stuff I don't like, such as the ubiquitous propylene glycol.

The lovely cleanser I've been using is creamy and non-drying. The serum and moisturizer feel hydrating, and my skin looks good. I'm happy with Pevonia.

Click on this link to get started. Explore. You don't have to buy right away. Familiarize yourself with what's available, then call to chat. Once you find out all of your options, you might want to try this beautiful and effective skin care. If you don't want to commit to a full-sized regimen purchase, for a limited time, you can order a trial-sized regimen for $19 plus tax (if applicable) and then get your money back if you complete a 10-minute survey after 21 days! Shipping is free. See the fine print (like U.S. residents only in the consumer study) at the Pevonia Web site. I have never seen a better deal.

If you are interested in seeing more, check out the Facebook page. Please let me know what you think.

Photos courtesy of Pevonia Spa Clinica


Unknown said...

I truly love Pevonia products. Having been introduced to the line years ago, I have tried so many of their products and all are wonderful. I'm with you on this one, Charleston Girl...worth the time to check it out!

Charlestongirl said...


Glad you hear that you are a fan. This is quality skin care!

Joni said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I just ordered the trial regimen and can't wait to try it!