Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Thierry Mugler Angel Aqua Chic and Alien Acqua Chic

Thierry Mugler's Angel is one of the greatest perfume success stories of the last two decades. A gourmand fragrance - characterized by its suggestion of gourmet foods, particularly desserts, Angel grew out of Mugler’s desire for a mouthwatering, delicious scent, and it is indeed a magnet for the nose. As Bois de Jasmine said, "It is not simply a teasing suggestion of a dessert, but a full feast of crème caramel, cotton candy, raspberry macarons, [and] candied fruit, drizzled with hot chocolate sauce and honey. The interplay of familiar scents and the completely novel character of this perfume make Angel fascinating."

Alien, another Thierry Mugler fragrance, is equally tantalizing to women and men, but made from a different mold. Created with notes of sambac jasmine, cashmeran, solar notes, and white amber, Alien is a mysterious scent. Alien is a cool, floral cookie. The longevity of Alien is amazing. Depending on your skin, the scent can last for days. It starts out weirdly bitter, but quickly softens and sweetens with jasmine that folds into a sensual amber/vanilla dry-down.

Both of these fragrances seem to evoke extreme reactions - from revulsion to adoration. There seems to be little middle ground of opinions. That has fascinated me since they burst onto the scene. Both are also housed in extraordinary bottles - decorative even without the fragrances they contain.

Because of the overwhelming commercial success of Angel and Alien, Mugler has created "flankers." The term flanker is often used derisively, so I asked my perfume-loving friends on Facebook why that's so. I got one good answer. Flankers are like the proverbial middle children - lost in the shuffle and never as exciting as the firstborn." Some would disagree, and I think I must disagree as I use Thierry Mugler's newest Angel and Alien flankers. Press samples were sent to me by Clarins, and I have been enjoying Angel Aqua Chic and Alien Aqua Chic very much - more so than the originals.

Whether you are looking for a spritz of aromatic rose water, a hint of pink grapefruit or a splash of citrus, the Spring 2013 launches from Thierry Mugler will satisfy your craving for fresh new scents - and if you are already an Angel or Alien fan, you will be thrilled with fresh new updates.

Angel Aqua Chic Eau de Toilette ($85) is a limited-edition, fresh floral oriental fragrance that provides the perfect temptation for summer sensations and delights. The star-shaped bottle is shown at the top of this feature. Angel Aqua Chic bursts with aromatic rose water, which reveals a sparkling freshness. A delicate and acidulated rose water dominates the heart of the fragrance and blends with a fruity and juicy raspberry blossom and green apple granite accord to bring chic and fresh overtones to the original, voluptuous signature Angel. This juicy and luscious fragrance dries down with a woody, vanilla base.

To my nose, Angel Aqua Chic retains all of the gourmand voluptuousness of its parent fragrance, but adds the light, floral aura that I love as spring blossoms decorate my world. I was immediately smitten with Angel Aqua Chic. Each time I have worn it, I've made sure to spray some on my arm to satisfy my nose, which repeatedly asks for a refresh.

Just as Angel Aqua Chic was enlivened with rose water, Alien Aqua Chic Eau de Toilette ($85), a fresh floral amber fragrance, has been instilled with radiant orange blossom water that yields a vibrant freshness, making it the perfect temptation for summer pleasures and warmth. Infused with soft, solar orange blossom water, the original Alien fragrance is additionally refreshed by a vibrant and mellow lemon blossom and pink grapefruit accord.

As an orange blossom lover, I'm finding Alien Aqua Chic an essential part of my fragrance collection as the weather warms. It's hard to describe the intoxication of orange blossom unless you've experienced it. Sharp, then soft, it brings to mind the pleasures of a sunny day in an orchard that has burst into bloom, with the promise of the fruits to come.

Both fragrances have great longevity, despite their eau de toilette concentration. Both are lively and sure to draw compliments. If you can select only one, you might want to ask yourself these questions.
  1. Do I like heavier fragrances, gourmands, sexy and voluptuous? Do I want to be noticed? Angel Aqua Chic was made for you.
  2. Do I love soft florals with a citrus twist - fragrances that express my personality without drama? Do I wear perfume for myself, not those around me? Alien Aqua Chic will delight you.
Both of these fragrances are available in major department stores, Sephora, and at www.muglerstoreusa.com. Don't forget that Sephora VIBs can receive a 15% discount until April 22. What a perfect time to buy!

Photos courtesy of Thierry Mugler/Clarins


Dovey said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

I've been eyeing Alien Aqua Chic for a while now, but haven't had the chance to try it yet. From your review it sounds quite nice! Also...as an aside,I love the 'Alien' look of the bottle. Thierry Mugler Angel is a bit heavy for me, however I do respect its scent structure --- it's a pretty awesome perfume!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Dovey,

What surprised me about both Aqua Chics is how much lighter they are then their "parents." Angel isn't as heavy with rose water mixed in. :)

LilJeJa said...

Have you maybe compared them to last year's Aquas?

Anonymous said...

I have both new fragrances and love them