Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bobbi Brown Wild Rose Shimmer Brick from the Rose Gold Collection for Spring 2012

Bobbi Brown's new, lust-worthy Rose Gold Collection for Spring 2012 has arrived! There are two Shimmer Bricks in the collection. It's a feast for those like me who have been awaiting a new Shimmer Bricks. The Party Shimmer Brick - as pretty as it was - didn't count as a "real" Shimmer Brick. I featured the Rose Gold Shimmer Brick last week. If you missed it, pop over to this link. Today, it's time for the limited-edition Wild Rose Shimmer Brick ($39).

I've wanted to show you this warm pink wonder since I purchased it last week. The problem has been a total lack of sunshine, my best lighting condition for taking makeup swatch photos. Today, I took photos in two adverse conditions: inside through a window and outside, with reflected light from the snow/ice cover. The sky is completely overcast. As a result, I'm not happy with any of the photos, but the "show must go on." I hope you'll give the makeup the benefit of any doubts raised by my photography.

Wild Rose is a shimmering, powder blush and highlighter in one. It can be used anywhere on the face, including the eyes. The pink stripes in Wild Rose provide five pink and rose shades that, when blended, provide a gorgeous pink glow on the skin. Wear them alone or blended, you'll be pretty in a vivid sun-drenched pink.

Let's start with the outdoor photos shown directly above and below. I applied a stripe at the top of my arm with a sponge-tipped applicator swept across all five shades in the palette. The swatch below the "stripe" on my arm was created with a heavy application of the powder, across all shades, using Bobbi Brown's Face Blender Brush. Both swatches were heavily applied.

I brightened the photos above and below with a photo editor. Otherwise, they would have appeared dim and gray. Brightening the photos washed out the Wild Rose color, so be aware that the color is a bit more intense.

Wild Rose leaves a luscious pink glow on my skin. Just as I plan to hoard the Rose Gold Shimmer Brick, I've also decided I need a second Wild Rose. This is my kind of makeup. I heard at Neiman Marcus yesterday that they have already sold all but two of the Rose Gold Shimmer Bricks they received.

The photo at right was taken indoors through my living room window. I can't remember whether the flash went off, but it looks like it did. That light on my arm came from something, and it certainly wasn't sunlight. The flash photo does illustrate the beautiful glow that Wild Rose provides as it reflects light. You can apply it heavily for a shimmer or lightly for a glow. It layers beautifully for ease of application.

Wild Rose is deeper in color intensity than Rose Gold, and it offers more saturated rose color. Both Shimmer Bricks look great on my pale skin. If you have darker skin and may be worried that Rose Gold is too light, Wild Rose is your color.

You can apply the Shimmer Bricks over blush. My skin is so pale, I often skip the blush. Try wearing Wild Rose both ways to decide whether you need the additional color a blush will provide.

With apologies to Bobbi Brown for these terrible photos, I'll hold off on showing you the lip colors in the spring collection until the sun returns. I hope I've shown you enough to entice you to take a look at the two new Shimmer Bricks. I think Bobbi scored a home run.

Bobbi Brown's Rose Gold Collection has arrived at Neiman Marcus locally. It is not yet available on Bobbi Brown's Web site (as of this morning). I don't know if it has arrived at Nordstrom stores, but it's available at the Nordstrom online site.

P.S. If the sun ever returns, I'll get better swatch photos and post at least one.

Photo at top courtesy of Nordstrom; other photos, such as they are, by Best Things in Beauty


Nemo said...

It is your BB Wild Rose feature today that has saved me a trip to my nearest store that carries BB. Instead, I will just order by tx. I can't wait to see the lip colors, too. That will add to my order!

Isla said...


Charlestongirl said...

It is gorgeous, Isla! My photos don't come close to doing it justice. Pray for sunshine, please - preferably when I'm not in meetings!

Charlestongirl said...

You will love it, Nemo!

lovethescents said...

Incredibly pretty. I think I'll eventually get this one...and recommend it to a friend :-)

Mackenzie said...

Wow, what a lovely rose blush (even in the light, or lack of it -- I feel for you from MTL). I can't wait to see the lip swatches, we get most BB late up here. Still wondering if I should pick up the nude palette too.

Unknown said...

thank you so much for doing the swatches!! lovely product :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents,

I am already in love with it. So pretty!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Mackenzie,

It's even dimmer outside today! We are having some kind of drizzle. It was freezing earlier, but now I think it's warm enough to be considered rain.

I was hoping everyone could see the pretty color - and then go investigate before these sell out.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Janine!

Sophia1105 said...

Love this one and so glad to see it featured! I hope she makes this one (both, preferably!) permanent items! A little late here, but congratulations Charlestongirl, on being a featured blogger on the NM Beauty Blogger Favorites for the awards!

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Sophia! I also think they should be permanent. They are too good to be limited.