Monday, January 30, 2012

Giorgio Armani Beauty Gloss d'Armani for Spring 2012

There are four new Gloss d'Armani ($28) lip glosses in Giorgio Armani Beauty's Spring 2012 Luce Collection: Beige #105 (Greige d’Armani); Brown #204 (Caffeine - it will make you think of coffee or Diet Coke); Rouge #405 (Wild Rose, a gorgeous shade, shown at left); and Pink #508 (called Blush - a sheer, delightful pink). Unusual for Armani, these shades have names, not just numbers.

I decided to purchase two of the shades. I had seen the testers, which arrived at Neiman Marcus before the for-sale product, and I decided to go with the Rouge and Pink shades. The two I purchased are the best shades for my face. Greige d'Armani doesn't flatter me, and, although I like brown, Caffeine is too warm for me. They may be perfect for you.

I finally got some photos. Wild Rose (Rouge #405) is shown directly above, and Blush (Pink #508) is shown below.

As with all Giorgio Armani colors, they come alive on the skin. Pretty in the tubes, they are magical on the lips. My swatch photos were taken in full sun. I was in a hurry, trying to get photos as clouds were closing in, so my swatch photos aren't as neat and tidy as I'd like. If I had seen immediately that the Wild Rose swatch was uneven, I'd have taken the time for a do-over. I hope you'll see the pretty color - not the uneven swatch.

Wild Rose is a very warm rose. It's just this side of rusty on my arm. The rose pigmentation in my lips helps it tilt rose. It's actually a fabulous shade for wear now, in mid-winter. I'm going to throw it in my handbag. It's a flattering color, and I can apply it without lipstick for lasting color on the go. On the other hand, Blush is extremely light and sheer. It's name is perfect, suggesting a blush of color. You'll want to wear it over lipstick unless you're looking for a little sheer shine without obvious color.

Blush pairs beautifully with the new Tourmaline Pink Blush. Worn together, they provide a sheer pink look for spring that's bound to please.

Giorgio Armani Beauty's exclusive Color-Fil shine technology allows the texture of Gloss d’Armani to be compared to a weave that gently and lastingly adorns the lips. The secret ingredient, the Color Bond Polymer also found at the heart of Rouge d’Armani, has the ability to form a supple mesh that traps pigments and pearlescent particles. Thanks to its translucent base, the texture gives "full expression" to color.

Mirror oils (I have no idea what they are) increase its shine, while silicon oil leaves it silky-smooth and non-sticky. The comfortable, stay-fast color is like a second skin. The company says Gloss d'Armani remains true for eight hours without fading or migrating. I don't get eight hours out of any lip product, but I get two to three from this one, depending on what I'm doing.

I like my new lip glosses. What do you think? Will one of these be on your buy list for spring? They are available at Armani Beauty's Web site, and they have finally arrived at Armani counters. I purchased Blush online and Wild Rose at Neiman Marcus.

Photo at top courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Unknown said...

hello, i got chicken pox, do pray for me

Leticia said...

These are pretty, btu don't pull me in. I prefer my glosses more opaque.

sunnlitt said...

That Wild Rose is a gorgeous color. It looks very flattering on your skin. I can see why you like it!
Thanks for the photos.

Charlestongirl said...

Mahwish, I am so sorry to hear that. We all hope you get well soon.

Charlestongirl said...

Leticia, what glosses do you like the best?

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Sunnlitt! I think it's even prettier on my lips. Great color!