Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sephora Collection Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow

I don't usually order Sephora's own makeup, but these new, limited-edition eye shadows caught my eye and held it. Their stunning multidimensional wave pattern is innovative, and the promise of prismatic shine, lush texture, and lavish color payoff forced me to put a few in my shopping cart when they were introduced recently.

I think Sephora has a hit on its hands. I was sold the moment I tried the first one. You'll find a lot to love with the Prisma Chrome Eyeshadows ($15), starting with the price and appearance, but ultimately impressing with performance.

The new wave in eye shadow, Prisma Chrome brings together the best features of baked, powder, and cream shadows. Its revolutionary effect captures light perfectly, delivering a prismatic effect with an unbelievably smooth and true color finish.

The new eye shadow are available in 10 shades - many of them bright. I ordered three of the "more conservative" shades.
  • Shimmery Sand #10 (light golden sand)
  • Bronze Brillance #15 (copper)
  • Moon Glow #35 (silvery gray)
If brilliant color attracts you, you might want to check out Emerald Facet #25, a teal shade that I suspect is gorgeous. There's a pretty pink, Moon Beam #5, if you'd like to have an opalescent pink beige shade.

The surface of the Prisma Chrome shadows is unique. There really is a wave in each compact - a deep wave. I thought the wave might make use of an eye shadow brush difficult, but it doesn't. Whether you're catching the crest of the wave or the depth, your brush will sweep the perfect amount of shadow for application.

Sephora says an innovative blend of ingredients ensures comfortable, long wear. Pure pigments deliver "the truest color imaginable and a highly polished finish." A unique mica technology provides intense luminosity and a velvety texture that glides over the skin.

Last weekend, I was able to take photos of these shadows. Today, as I look out my window at snow- and ice-covered ground and a very gray sky, I'm thinking about going to the hardware store to buy spotlights to see if I can get enough light inside this weekend to take photos for blog features. I'm not sure when we'll see the sun again.

I used a sponge-tipped applicator to apply the swatches heavily for these photos. Shimmery Sand is shown at the top of my arm, Bronze Brilliance in the middle, and Moon Glow below.

I'm impressed! The creamy texture of the shadows makes even application a cinch. Don't pay any attention to the ragged right edges on my swatches. I was in a hurry. The shadows apply nicely, with even color and a pigment punch with the first sweep of a brush. Layer the semi-opaque color until you get the intensity you like. They shadows blend perfectly.

Shimmery Sand is my favorite of the three beauties - probably because I'll wear it more frequently than the grey or copper shades. I can even wear it as heavily as I applied it for these swatch photos. With my pale coloring, I'm wearing the other two shades with less oomph. They are definitely flattering. If you want more color, you can apply the Prisma Chrome shadows wet. For me, they provide plenty of color when applied dry.

Sephora's Prisma Chrome Eyeshadows are every bit as good as eye shadows costing three times as much. They are presented in sleek, black, solid cases, and the waves offer a wow factor that's fun. You can purchase them at Sephora.

Photo at top courtesy of Sephora; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Jo said...

My word, those are gorgeous in the pictures. Thank you for showing those. I never even look at Sephora's own brand, and apparently that's been a mistake. That Sand color has my name written all over it.

Isla said...

Ooh...a fairly good price, too!

Evelyn said...

I saw those the other day, they make me want to take a poke at them and see if they bounce. lol Pretty and fun!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Jo! Thanks. I seldom look (seriously) at Sephora's color - my bad. ACtually, I have bought Sephora items before that I really liked. Very glad I focused on these.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Isla!

Comparable to drugstore pricing. Very good price.

Charlestongirl said...

I am laughing out loud, Evelyn!

They won't bounce. I'll bet if they were gels they would. :)

Suselew said...

Gorgeous! I'm not usually a gray shadow gal (due to hazel eyes and pink undertones in my skin) but I really like the look of the gray. And, well, copper is a hazel-eyed girl's best friend! I'll be curious to see how they compare to Estee Lauder's cream shadows of similar texture.

Charlestongirl said...

Quite favorably, I think, ! think, Suselaw!