Saturday, May 8, 2010

Minardi Smart Luxury Color Care

Last week at my hair salon, I discovered Minardi Smart Luxury Color Care. A sales rep has stopped by the McLean salon and left products for them to use. I became a test subject - a happy test subject. The Minardi line includes three shampoos (called Washes) and four conditioners (called Pre-Washes and After-Washes) to strengthen, protect, and pamper hair treated with various categories of coloring products.

My salon used Minardi (Hydrating) WASH No 3 AND Minardi (Hydrating) AFTER-WASH No 3, a "super conditioning" product duo designed to provide delicate "handle-with-care" protection. The Duo is said to pamper and instantly re-condition hair treated with highlights, hair lighteners, or dual services like permanent wave and hair color. My salon was testing the duo on almost everyone.

Here's what Minardi says about the products.
  • Strengthens and fortifies fibers while providing deepest level of hydration and protein
  • Hair is left tangle-free and easy to comb
  • Hair feels silky - when wet and when dry
  • Volume and coarse texture are reduced without "greasy feel" or product buildup
The stylists and I agreed on several features. First of all, they smell great while in use. They have a nice, clean fragrance that doesn't linger - it just makes the washing and conditioning experience pleasant. Second, the stylists remarked that the conditioner leaves hair beautifully conditioned, soft, and easy to comb, but doesn't "erase" the squeaky clean feel of just-washed hair. My hair is often hard to comb out if the right conditioner isn't used. Combing through after use of the Minardi duo was a breeze, and there was no "product feel" in my hair. That was impressive.

I was so impressed with these products I am going to find and buy them. I've already learned from the Minardi Web site that I'm not going to find them drug stores, discount stores, grocery chains, over-the-counter beauty supply stores, or phantom salons. Darn! I hope my salon decides to carry the line.

The Minardis have a salon in New York City. Apparently, it's well known by beauty editors from Elle, W, InStyle, Vogue, and Town & Country, and they count many celebrities among their clients. You can see the salons that carry their hair care at this locator. Or, if you are in New York, pop in and see the hair care line first-hand!

Anyone out there using Minardi's products already?

Photo courtesy of MinardiNYC

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Anonymous said...

Love this entire line! Amazing and must try. My husband is hooked on the System 3 and I'm using the System 1, with the PreWash at least once a week. They really are fantastic products without the dreaded silicone/film former buildup!