Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Day - One Week and Counting

Did you know that Mother's Day is the second-biggest consumer-spending holiday behind Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanza? Bigger than Valentine's Day? According to Brand Keys, a New York City-based brand and customer loyalty research consultancy, Mother's Day involves a broader spectrum of relationships, embracing step-moms, female relatives, and even friends who are moms. Changing family dynamics, including divorced and single-parent households, and the fact that Mother's Day crosses all ethnic, cultural, and religious boundaries makes it a real opportunity for retailers to entice us to buy.

"Mother's Day has become a universal holiday. People are feeling better about the economy and about the future," said Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president. "And while there are still times where consumers are watching their wallets and looking to cut back, this year Mother's Day isn't one of them." Good news for moms everywhere!

Hopefully, most everyone knows by now that you buy something personal for your mom. Unless she asks for it, you don't buy a new waffle maker or another gift she can use to make your own life happier. According to the Brand Keys survey, many of you (55%) will be buying gift cards (yes, our mothers can be hard to read), and some lucky moms will be receiving spa services (15%). A full 58% of us will be spending on brunch, lunch, or dinner. Not "us" exactly; my own mother refuses to go out to eat on Mother's Day. The restaurants are too crowded.

I think fragrance is a nice Mother's Day gift, especially if you have paid attention and know what type of fragrance your mom likes. Here are some ideas from the latest fragrance introductions, categorized by personality - just in case you aren't sure about your mom's favorite fragrance notes.

The Fashionista Mom
For the fashion-forward mom, breeze by the atelier and indulge in Balenciaga Paris ($95). This delicate floral of violet tamed with pepper embodies French mystery, balancing style and luxury. I have a sample of this new fragrance at my desk, and I've gone from like to love. It's elegant.

The Garden-Loving Mom
Instead of flowers that inevitably wilt, secure a bouquet with Chloé Eau De Fleurs ($135 each), a trio of scents that pay homage to the essences of lavender, nasturtium, and neroli. Each of these unique fragrances has a different floral attitude. My favorite is Capucine, a crisp scent with lemon, jasmine, and rose essence. Neroli is modern and vibrant with mandarin orange, rosemary, and peony petals. Lavande is feminine and elegant, tinged with citrus, violet leaves, and sweetened with musk. Saks has a nice Mother's Day offer. Spend $75 on beauty and receive a purse-sized refillable fragrance atomizer. They are also offering complimentary bottle engraving with your fragrance purchase.

The Gourmand Mom
Treat mom to a Parisian retreat with a taste of the MARC JACOBS Patisserie Splash Collection. Available in Apple, Pomegranate, and Biscotto ($68 each), each limited-edition scent leaves your taste buds craving more. These are light, enjoyable spashes - perfect for the woman who likes her fragrance light. I bought the yummy Apple for myself. Bloomingdale's has a special offer too. Purchase at least $75 of women's fragrance and receive a pair of pearl stud earrings for your mom. Even better, they are offering a MARC JACOBS Splash To Go one ounce refillable take-with-you container with a funnel with your $68 MARC JACOBS Splash purchase.

The Classic Mom
Show mom she's the epitome of elegance with Chloé Eau De Toilette ($65), the timeless scent boasting notes of crisp mandarin orange zest, rose, watermelon, fresh freesia, iris, and sandalwood. Sephora has a special offer with this fragrance purchase. Just click on the link here to see the limited-time bonus with code CHLOESET.

Still undecided? Let us know in the comments, and our collective team of readers will offer you additional ideas!


Unknown said...

yes, when i worked at a perfume counter the most money was made during Mother's Day week. I worked there probably 3-4 years ago but the most popular scents bought as gifts were Dior J'Adore, Ralph Lauren Romance, Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue and SJP Lovely. I tried to steer some buyers towards lesser known perfumes :)

Charlestongirl said...

Even more than the Christmas season? Wow! We do love our moms!

And some moms are so sweet, I'll bet they wear fragrances they dislike - just because their family bought them to express their love. :)

Ouidad Blog said...

These look like some great options for Mother's Day. A good variety for every personality!

I can't believe Mother's Day is almost here. Thanks for the gift-giving idea!

Katie for Ouidad

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, Katie - nice to hear from you!

Gals whose mothers complain about their hair should check out Ouidad for some fabulous products! It's not just about perfume and dinner for Mother's Day! :)

Ouidad Blog said...

Thanks! I enjoy reading your blog... such fun, chic content!