Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Lipstick SPF 12 from the Rose Gold Collection for Spring 2012

Bobbi Brown's Rich Color Lipstick SPF 12 ($23) is available in six new shades with the Rose Gold Collection for Spring 2012. How would one choose just one or two with six gorgeous, universally flattering choices? It was impossible. I bought three, and I could easily have purchased all six, if beauty were the only criterion. This is a dynamite collection.

Rich Color Lipstick SPF 12 is a lightweight and incredibly emollient lip color formula that was introduced last year. The colorless and translucent base, coupled with a special gel system, allows for intense color release and true color projection. The soft, smooth texture melts onto the lips for a truly comfortable, hydrating wear that lasts for hours.

Here's the new shade line-up. Tempted?
  • Lilac - light pink tint
  • Wild Rose - raspberry pink
  • Nude Rose - medium-toned rose brown
  • Pink Peony - medium-toned pink
  • Beige Gold - pale nude with golden heart
  • Miami Coral - nectar
I got help from my sales associate at Neiman Marcus when I selected my three shades. She and I gravitate toward the same lip colors, so I let her choose. How can one choose three when she wants six? Let someone else do it. "We" purchased Wild Rose (#26), Nude Rose (#27), and Pink Peony (#28).

I was able to get swatch photos yesterday. I had five minutes, so my swatches aren't as even as I'd like. I swatched in numeric order, top to bottom, on my arm. Wild Rose is shown at the top, Nude Rose in the middle, and Pink Peony at the bottom. My photos were taken in full, mid-afternoon sun.

All three are saturated, creamy, and gleaming shades. Wild Rose and Pink Peony are bright and cheerful. They are close to my "color-alert limit," the point at which I fear I'm leading with my lips, but they don't cross the line. That means I'll wear them often - whenever I want to perk up my look. Nude Rose is a bit more conservative. It's one of those brown-toned rose shades I love. I may be too conservative, but I know my niche.

These lipsticks, as promised, feel good on the lips. They are definitely long-wearing. How long will vary, depending on your habits. My frequent Kleenex use in the winter reduces the wear time of any lipstick. I like to eat too.

I really love the sheen of these colors. They aren't sparkly, but they do add a nice, plumping gleam. I don't think you will feel you need to add gloss over them - but gloss addicts may anyhow. When topped by the new glosses, which I'll swatch if we get sunshine today, they provide a sophisticated look.

I'm feeling a strong pull from Lilac, shade I don't have - yet. I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need it, but I'm losing the argument.

The Rose Gold Collection has arrived at counters, and it's now available at Bobbi Brown's Web site. Make sure to check out these new lip colors when you're shopping for the gorgeous new must-have Shimmer Bricks.

There is a nice promotion at Bobbi Brown online now through January 27. Spend $150, and you'll receive two mini-palettes, Classic Day and Classic Evening, if you use the code ROSEG12.

Photo at top courtesy of Bobbi Brown; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Unknown said...

pink peony looks really nice and so does all the other shades :)

bisbee said...

Pretty colors! After work I'm picking up the Clarins Pink Magnolia that you reviewed the other day!

makeupgrl said...

Did you love the pink gold gloss?

makeupgrl said...

Oh, and I have to say I'm thrilled lilac lip color is back!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about getting Pink Peony. Are these lipsticks limited edition?

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I am absolutely drooling over these and I'll probably make my daughter head with me straight to Nordstrom to get them. Of course, with the shoes there, I won't have a problem convincing her to go with me! Great choices!!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi everyone!

I need to do one big comment tonight - am running "overtime."

Bisbee, I think you are going to love that Clarins shade!

I'm glad Lilac is back too. It should never have been a limited-edition. Glosses to come in the morning.

The press release from Bobbi Brown does not label these shades limited.

All drooling is appropriate. :)

lov2read68 said...

Wild Rose is gorgeous! I was just at Nordstrom tonight but didn't think to swing by the BB counter.

Cindy's Societal said...

Nude rose is amazing Charlestongirl!!! I can see you really pulling that one off :) great swatches!

Charlestongirl said...

Oh no, Lov2read! I hope you can go back. Now you have an excuse. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Girl's Guide!

Nude Rose is definitely in my color zone.

Swathi Narumanchi said...

I love the nude rose shade very much. I own just one shade from these line of lipstick - guava. It is just perfect for spring/summer in India. I kinda got confused between soft nude and nude rose. But these lipstick are some of the best long last ones on me.

Swathi Narumanchi said...

So many typos ! Sorry !

Liz said...

I can see why you had a hard time choosing, because I'm experiencing that dilemma too. Yeesh. They're all so pretty!

Mackenzie said...

I need to have wild rose. Thanks (or not) ;)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Mackenzie!

It's a beauty. Be prepared to have your eye color pop. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Liz, my favorite is definitely Nude Rose. It's my kind of color. Does this help?

Charlestongirl said...


Guava is a gorgeous shade. I'll bet it looks fabulous on you.

Liz said...

Charlestongirl, that helps quite a bit since my coloring is similar to yours. Thanks!