Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bobbi Brown Makeover to Celebrate the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event

The Bobbi Brown team had an event Friday to celebrate the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event, and Mazza Gallerie was hopping! Before I tell you about my makeover, I want you to see Bobbi's gorgeous Mazza team - always ready to help you. From left to right are Rachel Lagman, Sunny Choi Noble, and Natasha Stephens. Are they gorgeous, or what? What's hilarious is that tall Michele Shakeshaft, Bobbi's fabulous Market Coordinator for our region, is ducking down behind Rachel. She heard me say I was waiting to snap the photo because someone was moving - a customer walking behind these three beauties. I would love for Michele to have been in the photo (even her back)!

I started my "time" at Neiman Marcus Friday by taking a colleague over at lunch. A friend with very dark skin wanted some new makeup for fall. I suggested Black Velvet and off we went on our lunch hour. Danielle loved her Black Velvet eyes and lips. She's so sweet, she even picked up a lipstick for her mom.

I went back after work for my own appointment. I gave Sarah Lavache, Regional Makeup Artist with Bobbi Brown, complete artistic freedom to do whatever she wanted to my face. Was I impressed with her choices! As she worked, Ricki Gurtman, Artistry guru for Bobbi, came by and suggested some lip shades (she chose them in a split second - I was impressed), and Michele wandered over a few times to see the progression from natural gal to glam gal. I think Sarah spent an hour giving me my dramatic look, and she used the new Eye Couture Palette. I know one of you asked to see the jewel-toned, shimmering shadows on me - this is it! I'm going to be brave again and put up photos of myself, something I hate doing.

There I am at right, with my completed look washed out a bit by the flash that had to be used to show the beauty of the colors Sarah selected for me. Sarah took some photos of me in the store, using my old Sony camera. When I got home, I rejected those photos. The lighting in the store wasn't perfect to show her majestic work, so I started holding my camera out as far as my arms would reach and snapping my own pictures. Someday, someone is going to see me doing this and have me committed.

Sarah is a perfectionist - my kind of person (I'm a Virgo, after all). Here is how Sarah made me look good.

Sarah started my reinvention by removing the Armani foundation and blush I had on and then layered some hydrating skin care on my face to prepare my "blank canvas." She used the new Hydrating Face Tonic, which I think I have to break down and buy, Intensive Skin Supplement, and Eye Repair Cream. Then she used a product I loved - Extra SPF 25 Tinted Moisturizing Balm in Light Tint. As a rule, I don't get enough coverage from tinted moisturizers, but I was really impressed with Bobbi's moisture-laden coverage. I wanted the look it created (and, of course, bought it). Sarah used Foundation Stick in 3.25, Cool Beige, a new color that I had not used yet, to touch up the areas of my face that needed more coverage (my nose always needs more coverage). I normally wear Warm Ivory, but the new shade worked beautifully. She also used Porcelain Peach Corrector and some powder to set it.

Sarah gave my cheeks some color by using Natural Bronzing Powder and Sheer Color Cheek Tint in Sheer Mauve. She explained that since she had dramatic eyes planned for me, she was keeping the rest of my face somewhat low key. The colors she used looked fabulous. On my lips, Sarah used the shades Ricki had selected, Baby Peach Metallic Lip Color and Rose Gold Shimmer Lip Gloss. The combination was stunning. It always interests me that makeup artists select peach tones for me (they are trying to warm me up). Tia had used a Sheer Coral Cheek Tint on my cheeks. Ricki and Sarah chose peach lips. It was "all good." I loved the look.

Last (the Bobbi Brown way), Sarah started on my eyes. She used the new Eye Couture Palette, exclusive to Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. She primed my eyelids with Long-Wear Cream Shadow and then went to work with Eye Couture. She started with her favorite shade, Star Sparkle Eye Shadow. With a neutral Long-Wear Cream Shadow underneath, Star left my lids with an icy look that had a touch of blue. I became a Star convert on the spot. Sarah decided she wanted a green look, so she started to artfully apply Emerald Sparkle Eye Shadow (from middle row). The combination was stunning, giving me a gorgeous green look that blended with the icy blue undertones to bring out both colors in my eyes, but emphasize the green. She used Topaz Metallic Eye Shadow (middle row right) on top of her handiwork to tone down the color - just a bit - and she finished the shadows with a neutral matte accent above the crease on the outer half of my lids.

Sarah selected the new Kohl Eyeliner in Black and had me blink after she nudged it into the base of my lashes. Blinking transferred just a little to my lower waterline, and she softened that with a brush, leaving a touch of liner for emphasis. She finished my eyes with Everything Mascara and Natural Brow Shaper in Clear to give my brows a finished look.

Do those shadows shimmer? Absolutely! Too bad the only people who saw my glam look were at the Neiman Marcus party. I should have planned a night out on the town. Instead, I fed the furry kids when I got home and then collapsed. Makeup shopping can be exhausting! Saturday, I saw Sarah back at work at Neiman Marcus, this time at Tysons Galleria. She's a bundle of energy. I don't know how she does it!

Bobbi Brown makeovers are so much fun because I always learn something new, whether it's a technique or a color that I might not have tried. If you have the opportunity at a Bobbi counter near you, take it! Fun people, fun times, and fabulous beauty products!

Photos by BTiB


Clarisse said...

What a lovely treat! I understand perfectly how you felt, it's always wonderful when a pro advises you and picks up colors you wouldn't have thought of trying...and wow: the miracle! the result is just stunning! Lucky you!
As you are a Virgo, is it time to wish you a happy birthday, or was it at the end of August? My best wishes for a lovely "next" year anyway:-)
Hugs to your lovely "furry kids":-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse!

You are so sweet! It was a lot of fun. I think I love the Bobbi gals, not only because of their talent, but because they are all so nice.

My "no-longer-celebrate" day is the 18th. I don't want to think about getting older - wrinkles are creeping in. Thank you for the best wishes.

I just had a little nap with one of the furry kids. Trying to get "un-groggy." It's like coming down from a rush of all that shopping. :)

Leigh said...

How great to see your makeover photos - - good job! (I believe I was the one who said "show us".)

You have a wonderful canvas in all areas. My eyes/lids are completely hooded, but I do shadow anyway - - will have lots of fun with my Pur shadows.


Charlestongirl said...

Hi Leigh,

Despite my strong misgivings (I hate most photos of myself), I put up the look to convince you that that there's a place for shimmer! :)

Elizabeth Donskaya said...

wow that color is truly soft and unusually fun. i reallllly like!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lizzard!

Thanks, Lizzard! I thought Sarah did a beautiful job. :)

Valerie H. said...

I have to say, I think you look incredible; soft and beautiful. Ricki Gurtman is an amazing artist who has been with Bobbi for a looooong time. One thing you can count on at BB: You're going to be in the hands of well-trained artists!

And celebrate those b-days, because you are lovely!!!

Liliana said...

you look very good and it is very gracious of you to share those nice pictures and fun event with us :) Thank you!

Charlestongirl said...

Valerie, thank you! I know Ricki has been with Bobbi "forever." The gals all treat her with something like reverence. She was a delight, and I'm looking forward to staying in touch. Bobbi's artists are an incredible bunch of women!

As for the birthdays, they seem to be coming up a little too often. :)


Thank you too! All of you are so sweet. It was fun. I always have fun with Team Bobbi. It's such a treat to go to a Bobbi event.

I was telling Sarah about another event - one I won't ever forget for a different reason. We laughed as I described the eye makeup I "got." Another artist (and friend) at that store quietly removed it for me when he looked at me with an OMG look. That would never happen with Team Bobbi!

Eileen said...

Charlestongirl, you look stunning! And, I'm so pleased that you can rock shimmer. I hate it when MA's make the blanket statement that women over 40 can ONLY wear matte neutrals. How boring! How ridiculous! Your beautiful and festive evening look is testimony to the fact that mature women can definitely wear shimmer and color and look gorgeous doing it.

MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

Beautiful makeover and thanks for being brave enough to show us the great work.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! Charlestongirl, you look FABULOUS! I love the silvery sylph-like look that they did on your eyes - it looks so ethereal. And i agree with Eileen that i hate it when artists say you cannot wear shimmer unless you are 20 years old - ridiculous and proven absolutely wrong by your makeup pro. You look absolutely gorgeous. More of this type of makeover review, please - more photos!!!!!!! it is like my reality tv substitute.....or preference. Very educational, as well!

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Eileen, Marcia, Anon!

You are very kind. I still won't be modeling makeup often. I would much rather find a young gal (Lexi was perfect before she left and went to grad school) who has a flawless face - untouched by the ravages of life.

I do wonder every time I read that "only matte over 40" rule. Huh? Shimmer in the right place is gorgeous. I don't take it above the crease when I apply it, but Sarah proved that an artful hand can. Shimmer can make the inner corner of my upper eyelid look crepy, but Bobbi's shadows didn't. I was actually surprised.

Unknown said...

You look beautiful! You shouldn't hesitate to post photos of youself. The BB pros are great. I'm going to try "blinking" my eyeliner onto the lower waterline. I'm also glad to see you wearing the shimmer eyeshadows. I wondered lately if I'd "outgrown" them, but I really don't want to give them up.

have you tried Jouer tinted moisturizer? Though I love BB tinted moisturizer, Jouer provides a little more coverage and moisture. I haven't seen it in the DC area, but ordered it from the site during the Oprah deals in last month.

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Ava.

I don't think we ever outgrow shimmer. We just have to learn where to place it and when to wear it. :)

I visited Jouer at Henri Bendel last February when I was in New York. I loved the counter and the rep! The blush I purchased is beautiful. I guess I'm going to have to resubscribe to O Magazine because most of the time I don't know about the monthly bargains!