Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week of Beauty at HauteLook - September 20-24

All next week, from September 20 through 24 (and possibly the 25th too), HauteLook, the Los Angeles-based private sale site with more than three million members in the U.S. and Canada, is hosting a special week of beauty sale events to celebrate some of the best brands in beauty. HauteLook will feature sale events with at least four top beauty brands every day, offering discounts of 50% or more!

Events like Beauty Week are just one of the reasons why HauteLook has become the leading private sale site in the beauty category. With skin care, cosmetics, hair care, or fragrance sale events each day, HauteLook is the destination for beauty lovers to stock up on their go-to favorite products or discover something new, often at price points as low as $7.

Have I purchased from Hautelook? You bet! All kinds of things. As a sidebar, it's one of my favorite private sale sites. The private sites have become very popular. Several of them are excellent. One beauty site, which shall remain unnamed and seems to have fizzled out, was greatly disappointing. I love HauteLook!

Here's the lineup for next week. I've bolded the brands that I'm going to be watching. Are any of your favorites on this list?

Monday, September 20
  • Somme Institute
  • Stila (because who doesn't love Stila?)
  • InStyler
  • NuFace (a local beauty department manager at a luxury store loves hers - she says it really works)
  • Alterna
Tuesday, September 21
  • DDF
  • LORAC (because who doesn't love LORAC?)
  • GoSMiLE
  • Sprayology
Wednesday, September 22
  • RapidLash (I am a believer)
  • D'Arcy Skincare
  • NYX Cosmetics
  • LightStim
Thursday, September 23
  • Freeze 24-7
  • Hand Perfection
  • TanTowel (I have a review coming on TanTowel tomorrow)
  • HairuWear
Friday, September 24
  • Enessa
  • Red Ginger
  • amika
  • NuBrilliance
By now, I assume that all of you have joined HauteLook. If you haven't, you can join by using my invitation at this link. In the interest of full disclosure, I receive a $10 credit if you use the link and purchase something. If you use the link to join, which you can do without purchasing anything, you'll get HauteLook's sale notices, some of which are irresistible. If you would prefer to join without the introduction, use this link. Once you join, you can extend an invitation to your friends and receive a $10 credit for each one who makes a purchase.

Check out the deals next week! Once you start to get the e-mail notices, carefully note the sale start times. With some of these deals, you snooze, you lose. Often I "arrive" at the sale right after something I want has sold out.

Update 9/19: I got the e-mail notice from HauteLook today, and there are even more brands on sale this week. Check it out!

Photos courtesy of KAPLOW, Stila, NuFace, and TanTowel
Photos for illustration and may not represent the products offered during the sale

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