Friday, April 30, 2010

Guerlain Ombre Éclat Eye Primer

Guerlain's Ombre Éclat Eye Primer ($35) is prominently featured with the newest color collection. Billed as a primer and treatment in one multifunctional product, this base has been specifically designed to "fix" makeup for a perfect hold. It is also marketed as a treatment having smoothing and moisturizing agents to protect the delicate eyelid area against the harmful effects of aging and the environment.

Creative Director Olivier Échaudemaison advises, “Apply to the eyelid before makeup using a brush or your fingertips. This soft, radiant beige base is perfect for all skin tones and can therefore be used on its own, as an eyeshadow, or to brighten and revitalize the eyes." Well, maybe.

I like this product, and there will be some women for whom it's perfect - in shade and performance. Unfortunately, it's not perfect for me. It's too dark. I'm accustomed to a primer that is just as light as I am, and my primer must serve to brighten my eye area. In fact, my favorite primer can be used without shadow on top for a nice, natural look. It removes any redness from my crease area and leaves my eyelids looking concealed, bright, and uniform.

This product feels great. It has a creamy texture and good slip (there are waxes in its formula). I have been applying it with my Bobbi Brown Touch-up Brush. Once I get an even amount applied - and that isn't 100% easy because of the color issue - it provides an effective base for my eye makeup. The issue for me is the color. It's quite transparent when applied, and the beige shade doesn't add anything to my skin tone. It almost disappears. It's there, but it doesn't perk up my eyelids, and it doesn't even out my skin tone.

Naturally, its packaging and case have all the markings of a luxury product. I love Guerlain cosmetics for their elegance. It just turned out that this one wasn't made with my name on it. My advice to you: you must try it before you buy. Give the tester a workout in the store (if you trust the store's testers). If the color suits you, and you like the way your lids are primed after you have applied it, this could be a keeper for you. There are going to be lots of women for whom it's perfect.

You can purchase Guerlain's Ombre Éclat Eye Primer at department stores and Sephora. I got mine at Saks during Friends & Family.

Photo courtesy of Guerlain


Dr Cheryl said...

What is your favorite eye primer? I've been using MAC soft ochre paint pot, but always willing to try something new.

Charlestongirl said...


My favorite, while discontinued by Stila, is available at Amazon. I wear Fair. Here's a link to it:

It's available in many other colors, and you can find them at Amazon. This little pot is a marvel. I have stocked up, so it will be years before I run out. :)

MarciaF said...

I normally am a big fan of Guerlain eye products but this didn't work for me. The color wasn't right, my shadows didn't blend well over it. I was disappointed in this plus the price is high. I'm sorry they discontinued the 144 cream shadow since that was a great base.

Charlestongirl said...

Two strikes so far, from me and now Marcia. Has anyone else tried it?

Marcia, thanks for sharing your experience!