Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jo Malone Red Roses Fragrance Chronicle

I have been a Jo Malone devotee ever since her company landed on U.S. shores. My first purchase was Red Roses, and I continue to wear that beautiful fragrance (see BTiB post on Jo Malone's Bath Oil, where I wrote about Red Roses and other Jo favorites). I can no longer count the number of people who have stopped me and asked about Red Roses while I was wearing it. I always feel like a walking English garden wearing fragrant David Austin roses. Composed of seven types of roses from around the world, Red Roses is a surprisingly clean, voluptuous scent. With a heart of crushed violet leaves and hints of lemon and spearmint, it unfolds like a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers.

At Christmas, the Jo Malone counters had the Red Roses Fragrance Chronicle, a collection that tells the story of an elegant and luxurious floral fragrance composed from seven of the world’s most expensive varieties of rose. It’s voluptuous character unfolds like the enticing scent from a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. With a twist of fragrant herbs teasing the senses and a fresh yet sensual sparkle, Red Roses lingers delicately on the skin. This elegant scent possesses an intensity that’s impossible to resist - one that ensures a lasting allure.

I bought a Red Roses Fragrance Chronicle ($95) for a friend - someone who had read my blog post about Red Roses and bought the fragrance. I knew she would love the Fragrance Chronicle (can you believe I still haven't given it to her?). Unfortunately, I didn't purchase one for myself, and the department stores sold out of the few they had received. I finally found my brain and discovered that it is available at the Jo Malone Web site.

The Red Roses Fragrance Chronicle contains Red Roses Cologne, and small sizes of Moroccan Mint Leaf Cologne Accord, Ice Rose Cologne Accord, and the Honeycomb Cologne Accord and comes creatively packaged in a storybook gift box.

I'm sure you know that Jo Malone made the art of fragrance combining popular. You can customize your own scent using the notes you love. With the Red Roses Fragrance Chronicle, Jo Malone shows you three new ways to wear Red Roses.

You can bring a radiant sparkle to Red Roses by combining it with the fresh scent of Morrocan Mint Leaf. The harmonious marriage of a herbaceous mint with sweet basil, blended with water jasmine and violet, adds a modern twist to the classic, floral Red Roses.

Or create an exquisite rose scent that's crisp and clear by adding a touch of Ice Rose, a fragrance that is beautifully described by its name. The unique frozen ice accord, when combined with Red Roses, evokes the delicate scent of roses in my garden in the morning dew. I'm wearing Ice Rose all by itself, but it adds an indescribable sparkle to Red Roses. Ice Rose reminds me of the divine experience of walking into a florist's cooler, inhaling deeply, and experiencing the cold but discernible pull from my favorite flowers.

Want to bring a rush of sensuality and sweetness to Red Roses? Layer it with the intensely rich and balsamic notes of honeycomb. The tantalizing scent of sweet honey, artfully blended with precious woods and resins, adds warmth to Red Roses for a sultry dry down.

If you are a Red Roses fan, rush - don't dawdle - to the Jo Malone Web site, where you will still find this wonderful collection, along with a Lime Basil and Mandarin Fragrance Chronicle. This is fragrance mixing at its best. I'm so happy with my new fragrances!

Photo courtesy of Jo Malone


Unknown said...

as much as i love the scent of a rose it always turns sour on me. i love sniffing rose fragrances but could never wear one. thanks for a great review!

Charlestongirl said...

That's interesting, Anna. Gaia at The Non-Blonde says the same thing: that rose turns sour on her. I'm sure glad that doesn't happen to me! I love roses.