Sunday, April 4, 2010

TRIA Beauty's Skin Clarifying System

For acne sufferers, there's a new device on the market. TRIA Beauty, known for its TRIA Laser Hair Removal System, now offers an acne-clearing device for use at home. Using the same blue light technology used by dermatologists, the TRIA Skin Clarifying System is designed to clear acne breakouts and blemishes, prevent future breakouts, and improve the overall health of your skin. TRIA says you'll notice a difference in your skin in just seven days!

Do you know about TRIA? TRIA Beauty makes light-based skin-care treatments for use at home. All of TRIA Beauty's products are clinically proven and FDA-cleared. They guarantee that you'll get better results from TRIA Beauty products than any other leading treatment you'll find in stores, online, or even from a doctor - or you may return your purchase for a full refund.

In 1993, TRIA Beauty's scientists revolutionized the hair removal industry with the invention of the LightSheer. Using this same technology, these scientists developed the TRIA Hair Removal System, the only FDA-cleared at-home system able to deliver permanent results. I first learned about TRIA at Nordstorm, where its virtues were extolled at a Beauty Trends Show. Many audience members agreed that the TRIA Hair Removal System had been life-changing.

Given that the products are pricey, that guarantee is important. What's clear is that the TRIA Clarifying Blue Light device can save you money. Long-term use of prescription products and repeated visits to the dermatologist can be expensive. Blue light treatments in doctor's offices cost hundreds of dollars, and some health insurance plans do not cover them, treating them as "cosmetic" rather than medical treatments.

The brand new TRIA Skin Clarifying System is a three-step system that features advanced blue light therapy to clear and treat your skin in just minutes a day. The TRIA system's soothing Clarifying Blue Light penetrates deeply into the skin, where breakouts start, to eliminate the bacteria that cause them - effectively stopping the cycle of acne before it starts. The Clarifying Blue Light works with the TRIA system's skin-care essentials to restore the skin’s natural balance, accelerate skin cell renewal, and improve the overall health of the skin. Want to see some before and after photos? Go to this TRIA link.

With 8-10 times more blue light than other at-home blue light devices, TRIA advertises that their system has been clinically proven to clear acne breakouts and blemishes better than any other leading acne treatment. TRIA's system delivers results without the harsh side effects of traditional acne treatments (such as Tretinoin, which can be hard on sensitive skin). TRIA says that dermatologists prefer blue light treatment because it clears skin faster and more gently than prescription and over-the-counter acne treatments. I wish it had been available when I was struggling to use Retin-A, Renova, and other topical prescription products that were so harsh on my skin that my dermatologist finally surrendered and said, "Stop!" The treatment was worse than the monthly hormonal blemish. That's another (long) story, which, fortunately, had an end.

TRIA's Be Clear Starter Kit is $395, and it's currently the best value. At the heart of the Skin Clarifying System, the Be Clear Starter Kit includes all you need to get started, including TRIA's Clarifying Blue Light, Clarifying Foam Cleanser, Rebuilding Complex, and Clarifying Blue Light Treatment Cartridge (300 minutes). The system is designed to be used for a few minutes twice a day. If you don't want the skin care products and are only interested in the blue light device, you'll still spend $395.

The TRIA Skin Clarifying System is available at the TRIA Beauty Web site and will be available at Nordstorm, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Bloomingdale’s. New York residents and visitors will be able to visit a temporary storefront, located at 155 Fifth Avenue at Twenty-first Street, from April 7 through 13. The shop, dubbed The Blue Lounge, will allow customers to try the new device and receive free makeovers and hairstyles.

Word has it that their next introduction will target the signs of aging, including wrinkles. I can't wait! Can I have it now, please?

Photo courtesy of TRIA Beauty


Unknown said...

I actually got Tria system last week and used it 3 times. I probably should give it more time. I noticed that it faded some acne marks on my cheek immediately. I have 2 big breakouts and it did not do anything to them yet. I am also using the cleanser and the serum. I must say i really like the serum, I assume it not only treats pimples but some wrinkles and enlarged pores too. I noticed that skin on my forehead got really smooth and pores were really small- I am attributing it to the serum :)

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of using light to treat my acne and I really don't like having to take antibiotics all the time. The Tria blue light system looks very cool and the science behind it seems solid.

Jules said...

I just purchased this product and as normal have heard good and bad. I am anxious to try it to clear up adult perimenopausal acne that has become unmanageable! Fingers crossed!!
I will refer back to see how it is going for you too Anna!