Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Avon magiX Cashmere Finish Foundation SPF 10

I'm on an Avon roll! I received Avon's magiX Cashmere Finish Foundation SPF 10 to test. I'll skip to the conclusion and tell you right now that it's fabulous. Let me back, up, though, and explain my foundation requirements and preferences - and why I have them.

I'm pretty picky about foundation. The name "foundation" says it all. Your foundation forms the basis for the rest of your makeup, so it's got to be great and prepare the "canvas" for what's to come.

Here's what I want in a foundation.
  • Some coverage. I have some sun damage on my face, and I want to blur it. I also have areas of redness in the middle of my face - particularly on my nose - and I want them to be nice and light to match the rest of my face.
  • Moisture. I want my foundation to feel good.
  • The right shade. Sometimes, as all of you know, it's hard to find the right shade, and when you find a foundation that meets all of your criteria, and the shade is perfect too, it's nirvana. I need a foundation that's not too yellow, but not too pink. Not always easy to find.
  • It has to last during the day. I'm only impressed if it looks perfect when I leave home, continues to look good at mid-day and still looks good when I get home from work.
  • The right texture. It absolutely cannot settle into my expression lines.
  • The right finish. This relates to the other criteria, but basically, I like a soft, dewy finish - one that blurs my imperfections, but doesn't look heavy or caked. Totally matte foundations are not good for me.
  • I do want some sun protection in my foundation - just enough to ensure that incidental damage from indirect light, indoor lighting, or a dash outside won't damage my skin.
With all these criteria, I have gravitated over the years to high-end foundations. There are some great ones that meet my requirements and make me very happy. I have never identified a drugstore foundation that I would substitute for my pricey foundations. I'll even admit that the first time I tried this new foundation, I had to pry my Armani Beauty foundation out of my right hand with the left as I reached for a backup. Seriously, I was ready with a back-up plan!

You can't call Avon a "drugstore beauty product," but I always though it was comparable in price. Lessons have been learned here lately! Avon's new foundation (it was introduced in February 2010) is normally priced at $11, but is on sale now for $7.95. That makes its price way better than inferior drugstore foundations. Then we get to performance, and it blows away the competition in its price range. I like everything about it, and I highly recommend it. Avon magiX Cashmere Finish Foundation with SPF 10 is amazing.

Unlike some competitors, Avon knows that we come in many different skin colors and different tones within each. None of that silly light, medium, and dark business. This new foundation is available in 12 shades - from Light Ivory to Earth. I'll bet there's one that's perfect for you. I turned out to be the second lightest, Ivory. The first time I used it, I squeezed out a dab into my palm to see what I was dealing with and decide how I would apply it. The dab looked a little dark (instant thought: am I a Light Ivory?), and the foundation seemed to have a medium-weight mousse texture. I decided on fingers, and I actually think that was the right choice. It blended like a dream - quickly too.

The foundation instantly diminished my flaws (I have some freckle-like spots near my hairline and two larger areas of hyperpigmentation in the same area). After application, they were blurred (only a concealer would make the darker freckle-like ones disappear entirely). I had the same impression I had had the first day I tried the pricey Clé de Peau Refining Fluid Foundation ($118 for one ounce) - nice soft-focus finish!

The formula of magiX was inspired by the soft-focus technology in cameras (and Photoshop) that's often used to make celebrities' skin look perfect. Avon's magiX is formulated with the company's patent-pending Optix Light-Diffusing Technology, which blurs imperfections to deliver an instant look of poreless, shine-free, and line-free skin. It also features Avon's newest texture breakthrough, Soft Touch Blend, which weaves together real silk fiber proteins with a unique blend of luxurious powders. The result is seamless, second-skin blending.

Advertised as offering buildable light-to-medium coverage for a dewy-matte finish, magiX is said to banish shine for up to 10 hours. I don't have a shine issue; I have a dull issue. My skin looked perky all day.

The tube it comes in is one ounce, but you don't need a lot, and the price, even for only an ounce, is beyond reasonable. I got the same effect from an $11 product that I got from one that I had paid $118 for. I have had a twinge of guilt this week as I considered that the difference could have helped pay my charge card bills.

Avon's magiX is available through an Avon representative. To find the representative nearest you, just visit Avon's Web site. Or you can shop conveniently online at Avon's Web site. Avon has great specials. Sign up for their e-mail list! There are lots of sales and free shipping offers. Just check out the comments on Monday's GLIMMERSTICKS Diamonds Eye Liner post to see current offers and find some gals who would love to help you select your new foundation. Try it and please let me know what you think! I'm impressed.

Photo courtesy of Avon


Karen said...

I'm convinced I need this. Wandering off to the Avon site now!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Karen,

I think you will love it. I plan to wear mine to work today. It's definitely a keeper.

Marley's Mom said...

Up early and ready for Avon! Thanks for the tips this week. I'm filling out my order form.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Marley's Mom!

Make sure to look at the Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick too. I will be writing those up. Love the one I'm wearing!