Monday, August 16, 2010

Chantecaille Lip Chic in Anais

Chantecaille introduced two new Lip Chic ($30) shades for fall: Anais and Capucine. I bought Anais. That brings my total of the current Lip Chic shades to eight. Do you think I like it?

Lip Chic is the perfect hybrid between lipstick and lip gloss. It provides a high-shine, even-coverage look, while giving lips a comfy plumping and firming boost with added collagen.

Anais coordinates perfectly with the alluring Tiger in the Wild look for Fall 2010, particularly the persimmon blush in the palette. If you missed it, see my swatches of Tiger in the Wild at this Best Things in Beauty link.

As you can see from my arm photo below, the shade is a rose-leaning neutral peach. It's very sheer, which makes me extraordinarily happy. I've probably used the word "sheer" to describe my favorite makeup more than any other word since I started this blog!

The other new shade of Lip Chic, Capucine, appears online to be too orange for me. Who knows? When I see it in person, I may change my mind. Because Lip Chic is sheer, it allows me to experiment with shades I might not wear if they had more pigment.

If Lip Chic isn't the right lipstick for you, you should consider one of the other sheers. Lip Sheer ($28) is a lightweight, emollient lipstick with radiant shine in transparent colors. Super Lip Sheer ($28) rounds out the sheer looks with a vitamin E-laden lip gloss with a lipstick look and feel. Chantecaille does have other lipsticks in three additional formulas for those who want more depth of color. There's one for everyone. That's before we get to the two lip glosses!

The special offers at Chantecaille are phenomenal. Right now, if you spend $225 at the Web site, you will receive a free White Tiger Poudre Délicate. Check out the link. He's gorgeous. Any time you purchase one of Chantecaille's special products (I just ordered the Bengali Bronzer), you help a good cause. The deep concern of the Chantecaille family for our endangered environment and the many animals at risk aligns with my favorite causes. That makes me feel good. I'm doing my part. In addition to the bronzer, I just purchased a second Tiger in the Wild and a Protected Paradise! I'll tell you about Protected Paradise later in the week.

Photos courtesy of Chantecaille and by BTiB


Clarisse said...

Hi Charlestongirl!
You'll be the beginning of my ruin:-)I keep making a list of the Chantecaille make-up I'll buy in september....
Now, I am very eager to discover Lipchic as I love the hybrids between lipsticks and glosses..Very curious too to hear all about Protected Paradise (such a promising name!)

Charlestongirl said...

Maybe tomorrow for Protected Paradise, unless it's too rainy to get a good photo.

Can you buy Chantecaille online, or do you have to go to Paris?

Clarisse said...

I have to go Paris: the US website doesn't send products outside the USA and there is no French one.
So I'll find all those beauties in Le Printemps in Paris when I go in september...