Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend Roundup - August 21

Beauty companies are dazzling us with new makeup introductions, effective skin care, fabulous fragrances, and new shades for our nails - all kinds of temptations to spend money to be gorgeous! Check out the must-haves that made us swoon this week. I'm swooning not only over the gorgeous fall and winter collections, but also the amount of money I've spent! By that measure, it has been one of the biggest fall seasons ever!

Chanel can make your heart race. Kari's pulse quickened when she saw the Inimitable Intense display of new Chanel eye shadows and mascaras. You should visit Fab over Forty before you leave home. A trip to the Chanel counter may be in your future. The last time I stopped by my favorite Chanel counter, they had the mascaras, but not those gorgeous eye shadows. I have to find them - today!

Gaia used the term "perfect" to describe Edward Bess Forever Yours Ultra Sleek Lipstick. If you want to see how "perfect" looks, head over to The Non-Blonde. Of the 13 shades available, she was able to limit herself to just four. Such willpower! It's also noteworthy that she found a jasmine she likes! This jasmine lover was impressed. Then, almost like it was "meant to be," a sample of the jasmine that sneaked into Gaia's house arrived at mine yesterday.

Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book is another Edward Bess fan. You'll want to see her complete review, along with lots of great photos, of his Compact Rouge. Most of us have to go out of our way to order Edward Bess from New York, but it's worth the extra effort.

Kelly has a new lip addiction. Tom Pecheux is shaking up Estée Lauder. He rocked Kelly with the new Pure Color Gloss (rocked my world with the eye shadows). Kelly modeled her lovely shade selections at Gouldylox Reviews. She even "tolerates" the fig scent, as I do.

I'm already in the holiday spirit, thanks to Shiseido! The Makeup 2010 Holiday Collection Essential Elegance Palette, created by Dick Page, left me gushing here at Best Things in Beauty. Just click or scroll down if you want to see why. As if I didn't have enough must-have brands, Dick Page has added Shiseido to my list. I'll probably be out purchasing/shipping this palette for you gals who can't buy it where you live! I think I've found my calling: personal makeup shopper.

At BeautyXposé, it was all about REN Replenishing Treatment Mists (and darling flats for fall). Find out why Pamela has been obsessed, spritzing with glee. I love mists, so I'm with Pamela!

Let's not forget our hands! Laurie at Product Girl gave us a peek at Essie’s Fall 2010 collection, nail colors to complement the season’s fashion trends. Laurie has exquisite taste. While you are at Product Girl, check out Les Khakis de Chanel too. The collection is being introduced to celebrate Fashion Night Out during New York Fashion Week.

While we're on the subject of hands, Marcia and Lisa featured an interview with Ellen Sirot, a world-famous hand model! If you visit Beauty Info Zone Blog, you'll find a special discount on Ellen's Hand Perfection products to keep your hands in tip-top shape.

To end our tour on an upbeat, jazzy note, head over to Makeup Artist Backstage and watch the short video on Washington's style setters ("housewives" and party crashers aren't DC's only claim to fame). Victoria worked to beautify this year's shoot. I loved the video, living proof that DC folks aren't all a bunch of policy dweebs.

You'll want to drop in on our beauty blogger friends every day over the next few weeks. The beauty world is hopping! Got to keep up!

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