Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chantecaille Protected Paradise Compact for Face

Protected Paradise - fabulous powders, fabulous cause!

Chantecaille's Protected Paradise compacts for Face and Eyes contain brilliantly colored illuminating powders in an intricately embossed design that depicts the diverse beauty of an underwater marine ecosystem. Created with Chantecaille’s exclusive patented technology that embeds color all the way through the product, the compacts feature artfully rendered ocean life in sophisticated palettes.

Let's look at Protected Paradise for Face ($90) - new to me, but not brand new.

The compact design includes:
  • Two fish that represent a host of over-fished and endangered species, including clown fish, orange roughy, sea bass, Nassau grouper, and humphead wrasse;
  • A school of smaller forage fish, an essential component of the underwater food chain that supports bigger fish, now threatened because of their use in aquaculture;
  • A sea horse, net-harvested in mass quantities for decorative use in aquariums and for gourmet and medicinal purposes;
  • Coral, a vital and seriously endangered organism;
  • A graceful expanse of sea grass, a crucial source of shelter and nutrition for fish that is being destroyed by trawling.
The Protected Paradise Face compact is a translucent powder comprised of complementary sheer hues, ranging from rich coral to pale pink sand. The galvanized nickel compact comes with a large powder puff in the lower level. The puff can be used to sweep across all the colors to create a healthy glow over the entire face. Innovative technology delivers tiny, smooth particles and micronized pigments, resulting in exceptionally pure color with a blendable, velvety texture. The formula also contains silk proteins that impart hydrating properties, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Five percent of the proceeds from sales of Protected Paradise for Face (and Eyes) is being donated to the Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation that funds vital research on fish sustainability and marine preserves. Is there a better time than the aftermath of the Gulf oil spill to support this cause? Protecting every creature in the seas is critical to the balance of nature.

I swatched the shades to show you. In my arm photo at right (taken in full sun), you will see, top to bottom, coral fish, the smaller gold fish, and the sea grasses. At the bottom is a photo of all the shades blended, picked up by sweeping a brush from 2:00 to 7:00 (as if on a clock) and applied to my arm. Are these shades gorgeous, or what? I know this compact is pricey, but think about the cause, think about the quality of Chantecaille, and think about how gorgeous it is. I couldn't resist.

This brightening powder for face is as creamy as a powder gets. It applies beautifully over or under foundation. The shades can be used individually for a pop of color or blended for an overall golden glow. Each of the shades in the design has a luminous sheen - they do shimmer in the most flattering way. I'm smitten. In fact, I was so smitten that I went back online and ordered Protected Paradise for Eyes. I'll tell you about that in another feature.

If you haven't tried Chantecaille color, you should - for many reasons. How many makeup products are gorgeous in the pan and flattering on the face - so flattering that you stare in the mirror thinking, "Wow"? How many companies donate a portion of your purchase to a worthy cause - or make their philanthropy part of their corporate identity? Think about that oil spill and spend!

Top photo courtesy of Chantecaille


Clarisse said...

Hi Charlestongirl
FABULOUS indeed! I wonder if I'll dare use it, it is such a beautiful object (it seems to be the "problem" with the brand: so wonderful it is a shame to use it and "disorganize the arrangement"...)
Your photo shows the shimmery finish of the colors but I guess it is not too shiny and perfectly werable since you are so thrilled, am I right? And it helps a very good cause too which is very endearing:-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse!

It does shimmer, but it's not too shimmery for us. When you photograph makeup in the sun, everything reflects, including your skin without makeup. I took a photo in the shade, but it wasn't pretty (too grey).

I do have trouble actually using makeup this gorgeous, but I'm trying to get over it. I end up buying one to look at and one to use - kind of crazy!

Clarisse said...

Thank you, Charlestongirl, I guessed so but prefered to ask you!
If it's so wearable, it adds up on my Chantecaille list: what a gorgeous brand, I wonder why it is not widely spread in France: in Paris only, and one only point at the moment, at the Bon Marché soon, that's not much...rather frustrating!