Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tarte Femme Natural Eye Shadow Palette Giveaway Contest Winner

I've wondered for months why seems to select numbers that are "way into" the list of entrants. Today, it surprised me and selected #2: Kammi. Congratulations, Kammi! You have been notified by e-mail that you won this fabulous, refillable Femme Natural Tarte Eye Shadow Palette.

The shades in Femme Natural are naturals for everyone - soft, pretty, and laden with Tarte's skinvigorating ingredients. Here's the list. Top row (left to right): shimmering buff, soft sand, golden peach, shimmering sage, and soft sienna. Bottom row (left to right): golden tan, soft petal pink, golden plum, shimmering cocoa, golden navy. The double-ended eyeliner is golden bronze and shimmering auburn. Kammi should have fun playing with them!

Thank you for entering and for your sweet notes in e-mail. We'll start another contest later today, so come back and enter! We've now proven that the strategy of waiting to be in the middle of the pack isn't reliable [wink].

Photo courtesy of Tarte

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Bonnie C. said...

Congratulations Kammi! It looks like such a beautiful palette and I'm sure you will have fun playing around with all the different options:-)