Sunday, August 15, 2010

Exuviance Performance Peel AP25

You must exfoliate your skin to look your best. I try to exfoliate twice each week, although some weeks I only remember to do it once. I prefer chemical peels to physical ones. The little beads in many physical peels create micro-injuries to my face, leaving me red.

One of the reasons I haven't done a spa or physician exfoliation treatment is that I don't really want to peel. I don't want to endure 10 days of looking like I ran toward a fire. I know the results are great, but I'll take a gentler method, thanks. The gentler methods are gentler on my bank account anyhow.

The nice folks at NeoStrata sent me Exuviance Performance Peel25 ($60) to try. I've been using it with great results for weeks. It's time to tell you about it. It works!

Exuviance Performance Peel25 is a 25% blend of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), including glycolic acid, mandelic acid, and gluconolactone, that exfoliates dead, dull surface layers and stimulates the process of cell renewal among all skin layers to reveal fresh skin cells. Here's what Exuviance Performance Peel25 could do for you.
  • Refine pore size and smooth texture
  • Visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve clarity and brightness
  • Brighten and even skin tone
  • Provide an allover healthy glow, suppleness, and smoothness to skin
NeoStrata's clinical studies showed that 100% of users saw an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and 94% saw more even skin tone with an improvement in radiance. What have I noted? Without a doubt, this peel diminished the size of the pores around my nose, made my skin very smooth, evened out my skin tone, and notched up my glow. I'd call that a success! I make sure to use a deep moisturizer after my treatment.

A box of Exuviance's peel provides a six-week supply of 12 treatments. There are two sealed packets that you use with every treatment: 1) The activator pad, and 2) the neutralizer pad. After cleansing your face, apply the activator pad, avoiding your eyes and lips. Let the peel sit for 10 minutes while you check e-mail, watch television, read the paper...whatever. Then use the neutralizer pad to stop the action. Rinse your face and apply moisturizer. I usually apply the peel before I shower, so the rinse becomes part of my normal routine.

The directions say to monitor your skin's response and neutralize the peel if you experience any uncomfortable stinging, burning, itching, or other nasty sensations (my words, not theirs). Even though I have very sensitive skin, I have experienced nothing extreme. I can feel the peel working. It feels a bit like someone is tickling my face with a feather. Once I shower, my skin feels firm and soft and looks firm and even. Nice!

You can purchase Exuviance Performance Peel25 at NeoStrata's Web site, where you will find samples and free shipping offers. The peel and other NeoStrata products are also available at ULTA, Pure Beauty, and physician's offices. Just use the locator online to find a retail site near you.

To sum up, if you want occasional drama and are willing to endure at least 10 days of shedding skin (and possibly discomfort), go to a professional. If you want a regular, effective at-home treatment that won't give you an ugly, visible peel, but will exfoliate effectively, give Exuviance Performance Peel25 a try. I'm voting for the latter; I'm a no-drama kind of gal.

Photo courtesy of NeoStrata

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