Friday, September 2, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Love Lights Highlighting Powder in Goddess

In June, I told you about my newfound affection for Rouge Bunny Rouge Love Lights Highlighting Powder in Sweet to Touch. I knew I would cave and purchase the other shade, Goddess ($66.33), and I did in July. I couldn't stand the thought of being without that golden touch for summer, and I adore every Rouge Bunny Rouge product I buy.

The presentation of Love Lights Highlighting Powder is elegant. It comes in a large, circular box, with an insert that cradles the compact. There's no way this powder will break up in transit; it's packed with love. Once you open the compact, lovingly decorated with white flowers, you see the luminous pink powder, with a classy plastic insert with the Rouge Bunny Rouge coat of arms. Unwrapping the compact is itself a gift to the senses. There's even a powder puff in the box.

All Rouge Bunny Rouge cosmetics have an endearing story. Here's the Love Lights Highlighting Powder story from Zuneta, where I purchased mine.

When night falls in the Enchanted Garden and soft moonlight bathes the resplendent beaches of the Grand Moon Seas, nymphs will emerge and dance and whirl weightlessly around a fire. The secret of their weightlessness lies in the starlight powder coating the beach - every night the nymphs luxuriate in it to sustain the magic of their skin and grace of their movement. We interpreted the sublimely haunting beauty of this powder and released it here for you.

Feather-light and creamy, to softly stroke your skin with pearly velvet light from dusk 'till dawn. A natural, even, and radiant look is yours, while the tiny dazzling micro-particles add teasingly shimmering twinkles. Let the firelight in, to accentuate cheeks, arms, legs...anywhere you dare to bare. With such a bewitching halo about you, those who lay their head upon your warm lap may not want it back.

This powder is impalpable on the skin and instantly transforms the complexion. Advanced micronization, in combination with treated spherical powders, produces an unusual perfecting powder with smoothing properties. Dazzling micro-particles are contained within a silky and luminous formula, with ginseng extract to revitalize.

I've joined the nymphs in their dance around the night's fire. As I expected, Goddess has more color than Sweet to Touch, which is a very light pink and so close to my skin tone that it was hard for me to get a photo to show you for my earlier feature. When Goddess arrived, even though it's darker, I knew I would have to apply it heavily to get photos to show you the color. No one in her right mind will apply Goddess like I did for these swatch photos. Applied correctly, Goddess will touch you with sunlight, leaving a gleam and a glow to brighten your face.

In my first swatch photo at left, I used a sponge-tipped applicator to apply Goddess at the top of my arm, and I used a dense blush brush to apply it "moderately" below. Then I decided I wanted a darker photo - highlighters are so hard to photograph - so I applied the highlighter ridiculously heavily with the brush. That photo is just below.

My photos were taken in full sun, which added a bit of shimmer to my arm. I hope you can see that Goddess is a warm gold and subtly shimmering. It perks up my face and makes me look alive. I can use a powder brush and apply it on the high points of my face - or all over my face - to give me a natural sun-kissed look. It also sets my makeup. The Love Lights highlighters never look fake because they are so sheer, like a second skin.

If you are in the market for something from Zuneta that you haven't tried, I'd recommend Love Lights Highlighting Powder. Pick the shade that will work best for your skin tone.

You can find this gorgeous highlighter and all the Rouge Bunny Rouge temptations at Zuneta, where I should buy stock. Maybe I'll get lucky and they will institute a frequent buyer's club. I placed my fifth (large) order last weekend. I will rave just once more about their customer service. It's so personal and thoughtful, you'll be impressed.

Photo at top courtesy of Zuneta; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Flyavsted said...

This is now on my shopping list! Looks gorgeous

Charlestongirl said...

I think you'll love it, Flyavsted!

pinkribbons said...

This highlighter looks divine and I love the bronze in it. LOL, I think it's a wise move to buy Zuneta shares!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Pinkribbons!

Zuneta merged with another company recently. I think I missed my chance! Not sure if the stock is publicly traded. Same goes for BRB. It might be privately held. Some research in the future...

It's a very pretty color!