Monday, September 19, 2011

Le Métier de Beauté Oscar de la Renta Kaleidoscope Swatched

Last week, I received my limited-edition Le Métier de Beauté Oscar de la Renta Kaleidoscope. It was available only at Bergdorf Goodman and the Oscar de la Renta boutique in New York. Introduced for Fashion's Night Out, it was a huge hit. I was thrilled to receive it, but frustrated that the sun didn't shine that day, or the next, or the next so that I could get swatch photos that would be color-true.

Today, the sun came out for a very brief period, and it was bright enough outside for me to get a few adequate photos. I applied the Lip Crème with a cream liner brush and all other shades - the champagne Radiance Powder Rouge and the two True Color Eye Shadows - with a sponge-tipped applicator. Just click on these photos to enlarge them. Because the Radiance Powder Rouge and one of the eye shadows are light, they were hard to photograph.

The Lip Crème is cherry red - a blue red that's a perfect shade for me. Although I applied it to my arm fairly heavily, it can be applied more sheerly by anyone afraid of red. I think it's a chic red color, and I'll wear it. If you know me, you'll realize that's a departure!

The champagne gold Radiance Powder Rouge, shown below the lip color, is a gorgeous highlighter for eyes, cheekbones, or any area that deserves attention. It shimmers, but doesn't sparkle, offering a quiet elegance (like Oscar de la Renta's fashion designs).

The two True Color Eye Shadows, one smoky blue and the other a flesh peach shade, coordinate beautifully. I love the peach shade on my lids with the greyed blue used as an accent and liner. You have to see these gorgeous shades to fully appreciate how glamorous they are, and, as expected, de la Renta's Kaleidoscope sold out.

Those with darker skin will see more contrast from the highlighter and peach-toned eye shadow than you can see on my skin in these photos. I love the subtle shades exactly as they appear on my skin in these photos. The look I'll create with this Kaleidoscope is all about fall and winter fashion, with the emphasis on a red lip and the rest of the face playing a glamorous supporting role. Come to think of it, it's Lady Chic.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


lovethescents said...

This is really beautiful. The combination of colours is striking, yet refined. Gorgeous! Now we need to see it on a face ;-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents,

My photos don't do justice to how pretty these shades are! As you know, I don't model makeup here, so...

lovethescents said...

I know, I know :-) I hope, when I have time, I'll try to find an internet pic, though. Wear it in good health!