Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quick Peek: Blue Rebel from Les Jeans de Chanel for Fashion's Night Out

In August, we looked at Chanel's Les Jeans de Chanel Collection, created for Fashion's Night Out. Denim, the everlasting emblem of chic and casual fashion, was Peter Philips' inspiration for the collection. He created three shades, Blue Rebel, Coco Blue, and Blue Boy, from medium to very pale blue, to offer you as much enjoyment as your favorite pair of blue jeans.

I had no intention of purchasing one of the shades. Then I saw Blue Rebel, and my resolve melted. I was on a quick trip to Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria today. I swung by the Chanel counter to have a look-see. Chanel representative Janine Greenberg was wearing Blue Boy (a pretty medium blue), and she gave me some tape to try Blue Rebel, which had grabbed my eye. One swipe on the tape was all it took to convince me I had to have it.

I haven't had time to apply Blue Rebel - or have it applied. I did paint one nail this afternoon to show you the gorgeous deep blue color. It's dark and rainy outside, so I had to take this photo indoors. I applied two coats. It's a nice dark blue. I'll get better photos, but I'm not sure how soon.

Distribution of Les Jeans was very limited and special to Fashion’s Night Out, September 8, which happens to be the first night of the NM Beauty Event, when gifts with purchase will abound. The following Neiman Marcus stores will have the Les Jeans trio on or before Fashion’s Night Out: Houston, Dallas North Park, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Oakbrook, Michigan Avenue, Tysons Galleria, Troy, Boca Raton, Austin, Natick, and San Francisco. I keep reading that Chanel boutiques and Chanel.com may offer Les Jeans too, but I don't know that for sure.

If you want to be assured of getting one - or several - of the shades, your best bet is to order from Neiman Marcus now.

Photo at top courtesy of Neiman Marcus; other photo by Best Things in Beauty


lovethescents said...

Gorgeous...you are a diva. Now paint the rest!

Charlestongirl said...

Can't do! I cannot do my right hand. That's why I always get a professional application. I'm no leftie!

lovethescents said...

Practice! Although, this probably isn't the best colour to practice with ;-)

Me said...

I can't wait to get my hands on these.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Zuzu!

Hope you have them reserved! They are selling out. Blue Rebel is basically gone at NM Tysons.

tasha~ said...

I just called the Beverly Hills store and they don't have any left... So much for the Sept 9th release date.

Charlestongirl said...

I was afraid of that Tasha! Call more stores.