Monday, September 19, 2011

Sneak Peek: Giorgio Armani Beauty Madre Perla Collection for Holiday 2011

An inspiring era...The elegance of the 1930s will set the tone for the season. Pure lines, sophisticated colors, luxurious details...Art Deco in all its glory with one of its iconic materials: Madre Perla by Giorgio Armani Beauty.

I knew you would want to see the press photos of Giorgio Armani's Madre Perla Collection for Holiday 2011, so I popped up this feature to tempt you with the luxurious collection.

Madre Perla inlaid in a precious case heralds a must-have product. Madre Perla was Linda Cantello's color inspiration, with subtle reflections and iridescent effects. “Like a 1930s' boudoir, a touch of lacquer and patinated metals adds a sophisticated feel to satiny, pearlescent tones. Delicate shades reminiscent of the silk lingerie of the time," said Linda Cantello.

The Face & Eye Palette ($98 and exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue and the Armani Beauty Web site) is irresistible. Inspired by Art Deco style, Giorgio Armani’s famous black case is decorated in real Madre Perla, with precision work done entirely by hand in the purest tradition of luxury craftsmanship. Utterly refined, a silver logo adorns this exclusive limited-edition case, which just 3,000 women in the world will have the privilege of owning. Get on a waiting list now! I'm sure this palette, with its neutral shades and elegant look is going to be very popular. Can you imagine it on your vanity?

Inside the decidedly unique Face & Eye Palette shown above, there are three luminous, satiny powders in sand, champagne, and aqua - silky shadows that combine a featherlight texture with radiant color. Blended over the eye area, the three shades will sculpt and illuminate the eyes. Lightly dabbed onto the facial contours, the sand and champagne tones will catch the light to increase the radiance of the complexion. The Face & Eye Palette will also be available in Giorgio Armani’s iconic black lacquer case ($59).

The Eye Palette shown directly above will offer a pastel harmony enhanced with a touch of iridescence. The smoky eye will take on a satiny, luminous sheen with the softness of this slightly metallic ivory, lavender, and taupe trio. Micronized pigments incorporated into a translucent base will cloak the eyelids in an intense veil of color.

Giorgio Armani’s spectacular Eyes to Kill Intense shadow ($32) will be available in a limited edition of three subtly patinated metallic shades: a gold as an echo to antique gilt, a toned-down silver plutonium, and an intermediate shade blending gold and silver.

Thanks to Armani's Colorfil color matrix, these creamy, powder-free shadows adhere to the eyelid like a second skin, without ever fading or flaking. At the heart of their formula is a very high concentration of pigments captured in a supple polymer complex resistant to humidity and heat. The result is a vibrant film of color, as if cast in metal, which stays true for 24 hours.

Lips will be adorned in vibrant lacquered shades. A real weave of color, Gloss d’Armani ($28) offers comfortable, long-lasting hold, expressed in four limited-edition shades: a barely iridescent rosewood will enhance the natural color of the lips, while a velvety “amaranth” red and sienna will intensely emphasize their shape. An unexpected choice, a bold amethyst, is vivid - yet so translucent on application that it will match any skin tone.

I want everything! The Madre Perla Collection will launch in November. The Madre Perle Palette will be exclusive to Saks and Armani Beauty online.

Photos courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty


Cindy's Societal said...

Wow I hope that first Eye and Face palette is available here too! I will be checking back to see prices when you have them up :D

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Girl's Guide!

I got a few of the prices from New York and posted them.

Joey said...

The gold + silver Eyes to Kill shadow and that purple gloss will be mine for sure! Maybe the rosewood gloss too =)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Joey,

I suspect we will find that rosewood gloss a must-have. :)

Joey said...

Rosewood = a color that brings all beauty addicts together!

The Gloss d' Armani might be my new favorite gloss formula: perfect balance of pigment, coverage, and shine!

LoveSugarBabyDoll said...

yummy! more to dream about this fall. and i agree the rosewood gloss will be a must have.

Charlestongirl said...


It looks like we will all be lined up for rosewood!

Rola said...

What a glamourous collection! I can't wait to see it in person. The lipgloss color reminds me of Nars Dolce Vita. Thanks.