Sunday, February 7, 2010

Best Things in Beauty - Snowed In

I worry about wildlife. The birds, squirrels, foxes, raccoons, and other critters outside have a tough time of it when we get over two feet of snow. After digging myself out, I started on my routes to the "normal" feeding stations.

I had to make a path (of sorts) to the backyard to fill the bird feeder, so I set out with a snow shovel, throwing snow to the side so that I could trudge through knee-high snow, rather than thigh-high snow. This is what it looked like after I made my bird seed delivery. I only fell a few times, and the snow provided a soft landing.

I know that many people find beauty in snow. I'm not one of them. This kind of snow is dangerous and destructive. Two good samaritans, a father and son, were killed when they were hit by a tractor trailer after they stopped to help a driver in trouble on I-81. Homeless people freeze to death. Old people go without heat when they lose electricity (my Mom lost hers for 2.5 hours yesterday). Folks forced to shovel out have heart attacks. Many slip on ice and suffer serious injuries. Roofs collapse; an aircraft hanger at Dulles Airport is a total loss. Can you tell I hate this white stuff?

More snow is predicted for mid-week, but they are hedging the prediction right now, given uncertainties over the rain/snow line. I'm praying for rain. We don't need that all-time winter snow record. Leave it to the history books!

I posted a few more photos on Twitter. Just search on BTiBeauty to see more of the storm of 2010. You'll know why this shopaholic won't be picking up any new cosmetic introductions this weekend. I am having a blast online, though! Check out The Friday Forum for some great deals.

Update 8:30 pm Sunday: Now it appears that the upcoming Tuesday-Wednesday storm will bring us 5+ inches of snow, possibly mixed with sleet when it starts. I wonder what 5+ means...20?

Update 7:30 am Monday: I think we know now. We could get as much as 10 inches of new snow. Where am I going to put it? I was already having to throw the snow over chest-high banks to keep my walk and driveway shoveled. Note to self: Remember to keep plenty of cash on-hand in winter. Hard-working people (with Maryland tags) showed up on my street yesterday looking for work. They cleared my vacationing neighbor's driveway and walk for $125. Took the two of them less than an hour.

Update 8:00 pm Monday: Silly me for believing the weather reports. Now the forecast is for up to 12 inches of new snow in my area. Starting tomorrow and snowing into Wednesday afternoon. Some people still don't have power from the last storm! When will they call up the National Guard to clear the roads in Virginia?


inkxaviary said...

Ohhhhh you don't want rain. It'll just make the snow heavier then ice over in the middle of the night.

Charlestongirl said...

Good point, Inkxaviary! And nice looking bird!

The rain will definitely ice over, but that will melt the next day. We had terrible night re-freezes after the December storm - it was dangerous on foot and in the car. I just don't think my body can shovel any more snow. The only place to put it in the driveway and on walk now is "up." There's nowhere to push it.

We'll see. It's sure out of my control.

Unknown said...

stay warm! our state is getting some crazy weather too.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Anna. To everyone: stay safe! So many can't stay warm because they still have no power. Warming centers have opened in our area. If people can get to them...

Now the forecast is 12-18 inches of new snow, starting mid-day. I can't even believe this. '09-10 is about to become the snowiest winter in history in DC. And that's based on measurements at National Airport, which always gets less snow than we do in the burbs.

I'll be staying here at home today so that I can shovel as it snows. I'll be that shovel-wielding, crazed woman you see on the news. I think I'll use the morning to move the weekend snow so that I will have a place to put the new snow.