Thursday, February 4, 2010

Laura Mercier's Great News for Women with Darker Skin

Women with medium to dark skin often have a tough time finding foundation, tinted moisturizer, concealer, and other makeup items that have to match skin tone. Laura Mercier has introduced some new shades to make it easier for them. There's a whole new array of color at the Laura Mercier counter at Nordstrom!

There are three new shades available in each of the following products.
In both tinted moisturizer formulas ($42), there are three new shades: Bisque, which fills a gap that makeup artists had filled by mixing shades; Caramel for lightly tanned and olive complexions; and Mocha for deep complexions with yellow and red tones. Mocha is a welcome "sister" to Walnut, adding a new dimension to the dark shades available.

In Secret Concealer ($22), there are three new shades, all darker than the original offerings. Shade #4 is described as a true neutral beige for those with neutral yellow undertones. Shade #5 is described as warm honey for medium yellow and golden skin tones. Shade #6 is targeted toward deep complexions with rich, warm undertones.

You can see the swatches of all of these at the Laura Mercier Web site. I saw the shades at Nordstrom this week, and I was impressed by the range now available to women with medium to dark skin. The new shades will make Laura Mercier's respected tinted moisturizer and concealer products even more popular. If you have a hard time matching your skin - as some of my friends do - you should check these out in person. They are in stores now.

Photo courtesy of Laura Mercier


Bonnie C. said...

I get the Laura Mercier emails and I was happy to see this announcement when it arrived in my inbox. I'm so glad that they've expanded their list of colors, it's great when companies do that so we have more options! :-)

Charlestongirl said...

For anyone who didn't get the e-mail yesterday: