Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lash Allure MD - It Works!

I've been using Lash Allure MD for a month, and I am happy to report that I am already seeing results. I'm anxiously awaiting the six-week mark, when I am hoping for real drama! For now, I'm happy. I'll check back in with you in a few weeks.

You may remember that I wrote about Lash Allure MD last October, when WWD reported that Beauty Bio Sciences was staging a $100,000 contest to promote the product. I had to try this exciting product. Naturally, I waited for a promotion (I love discounts) and then ordered it. It was an exciting day when it arrived! Is there anyone interested in beauty who wouldn't like to have lush lashes? My lashes are actually fairly plentiful and long, but there's always room for improvement. I was game for a test.

Lash Allure MD is a "slightly thick liquid" in a mascara-like tube. The thin brush at the tip makes it easy to apply - just as you would apply a liner at the base of your upper lashes. You can also apply Lash Allure MD on your brows. The instructions say to "line" your upper lash line with product and then sweep it over the top side of your lashes. It's easy and takes no time at all. If you like diagrams, you can find instructions at this link.

How does it work? Here's what the company Web site has to say.

Ninety-two percent of women reported thicker, darker, longer lashes after six weeks of use and reported noticeable results after two weeks. Contains patent-pending Pentapeptide Growth Complex to enhance lash and brow growth without irritation. Contains proprietary HFH (Hair Follicular Habitat) technology to provide the optimal environment for accelerated hair growth when combined with the powerful Pentapeptide Growth Complex. Physician formulated and extensively tested for performance and safety. Twice the lashes in half the time. Expect to see a change after two weeks and dramatic results after six weeks. Results will continue to enhance beyond the six-week mark. Clinically proven to give the appearance of thicker, darker, longer lashes without the use of prostaglandins, which have been shown to cause skin darkening and eye discoloration in some consumers.

Did you catch the peptides (Pentapeptide Growth Complex)? If you are a beauty maven, you know that peptides are hot! Just as cool about what's in the product? What's not! Prostaglandins.

Many of you have heard about Latisse, the prescription lash growth product with a world-famous model, Brooke Shields. I am not a Latisse candidate by choice. Latisse can cause itching and redness, but worse, darkening of the iris due to the prostaglandins. While brown-eyed women (and men) might not find that alarming, this blue-eyed woman does. I am not willing to accept the risk of using Latisse. It doesn't take much to irritate the skin around my eyes; I don't need help. And I don't think "Don't it make my blue eyes brown" sounds like a catchy song verse. I know that "when used properly" the risks are small, but I hate risk! So, Latisse is out in my book.

I have had no side effects from using Lash Allure MD. I do find that coating the upper side of my lashes is a bit messy, and the lashes glom together once coated, so I just don't bother with that part. I thoroughly line the base of my lashes, smear some product up the lashes a tiny bit, and move on.

I can't show you my before and after photos (I am not comfortable with personal close-ups), but you can see some fabulous ones at the Lash Allure Web site. I encourage you to try Lash Allure MD. The price is right, the product is safe, and you may be as delighted as I am! My lashes look thicker, and I am not losing as many lashes when I use my eyelid scrub pads (which keep dry, dead skin cells exfoliated and out of my eyes).

Priced at $49.50 for 3.5 ml, one tube of Lash Allure MD should last you 8-12 weeks, depending on whether you apply it to your eyebrows or not. If you sign up on the Web site, you will get notices of promotions, and there is a free monthly drawing.

You can purchase Lash Allure MD from the Web site or at Dillards.

Photo courtesy of Lash Allure MD


Unknown said...

i am so glad you posted about Lash Allure! I have been using it for about a week now and I can definitely see the results. I have dark long lashes to begin with but one can never have enough of a good thing ;) I tried Ardell before and for 4 bucks it worked great but it irritated my eyes to no end. I am glad to report that Lash Allure does not bother my eyes. I only use it overnight but I can definitely see the difference when I apply my mascara- my lashes look really dramatic and also mascara application is much easier. I would definitely recommend Lash Allure even to those with sensitive eyes- it worked for me! You can also try Ardell for much cheaper price, but it may irritate your eyes as it did mine.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anna,

I'm glad you are liking it too! I started using it day and night, but shifted to just overnight. It's still working just fine!

DivaDebbi said...

Hi CG,
Just left a LONG response and couldnt get it published...urrrgggh


Charlestongirl said...

Oh no! What happened? Did Blogger misbehave?

Anonymous said...

So everyone here seems to have started with long eyelashes.

I would like to hear from people who do not have long lashes to begin with.

Is there anyone out there?

Lisa Williams said...

I just purchased the product yesterday. I have light, thin, short eyelashes and naturally barely there eyebrows. So I am trying this in both areas. I will check back in 2 weeks to share my findings. Can't wait for the results. Anything will be a positive.

Jenny said...

In response to Anonymous, I started out with very short and sparse eyelashes. I'm Asian (if that does make any difference) so I don't have much to work with. I started using Lash Allure 2 months ago for 1.5 straight days and I did notice a difference. My lashes seemed longer and darker (as well as my eyebrows). I stopped using it for about a month, and I did notice that more eyelashes came off when I took off my makeup. Now it seems my eyelashes have went back to "normal" so I guess all the eyelashes that did fall off were the ones that "grew" from using Lash Allure. Hope this helps!

Diane said...

Not sure if this is still active but would love to share my Lash Allure MD experience. I work at Dillard's and toyed with trying the Peter Thomas Roth eyelasch serum but the $125 pricetag scared me so I tried Lash Allure MD. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I have been with this product. I have had short lashes my entire life but recent years have brought bald patches in my lashes. Not only did the Lash Allure MD make my lashes longer it completely filled in the bald patches. You DO have to continue to use it or your lashes will revert to whatever state they were in before you used the Lash Allure but the great price makes it a no-brainer. I recommend this to anyone who will take the time to listen to me! Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!