Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jouer Cosmetics and Mineral Powder Blush

While I was in New York this weekend, shopping at Henri Bendel, I stopped to check out the Jouer Cosmetics counter. After I had circled a few times, I stopped to chat with Karen, a makeup artist with the company. I got Karen's card, but unfortunately, I just noticed that it doesn't have her last name on it. I can tell you that she pronounces it "Car-in" with the emphasis on the first syllable (for anyone who remembers such lessons from school!). I enjoyed our short time together, while she touched up my face with blusher and powder. More on that below.

Who is Jouer Cosmetics? I'll let them introduce themselves!

Your makeup drawer is your beauty wardrobe. Tucked inside are a few key items you use every day that are effortlessly flattering, yet there are countless other whimsical items hardly ever touched. Imagine a complete cosmetics line designed with only key items – no matter your selection, you discover just the right shades, in just the right formulations, in just the right packaging. Your discovery? Jouer Cosmetics.

Based in Los Angeles, Jouer was founded by International Beauty Stylist Christina Zilber, who provides a fresh, editorial view of makeup to complement individual fashion sense and lifestyle. Defined as "to play" in French, Jouer offers supreme wearability, mix-and-match customization, and state-of-the-art portability for women on the go.

Since its inception in 2004, Jouer has redeveloped and refined the brand, extending into a full collection. Jouer launched as a Henri Bendel New York exclusive in August 2008 and quickly rose to become a cult favorite. The 133-item collection consists of a carefully edited range of face, lip, eye, and cheek cosmetics and continues to develop innovative products that offer solutions to the modern woman's lifestyle needs.

After my train trip up to New York, I knew I looked a bit pale, and I was headed for the hair styling suite sponsored by Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas and hosted by Lianne Farbes of The Makeup Girl at the W Hotel. How could I walk into a room full of glam beauty bloggers looking makeup-less? Karen and I looked over the Mineral Powder Blush and discussed the pros and cons of several shades for me before selecting Rose. She applied it with a nice fluffy blush brush. Voila! I had color again - pretty, natural-looking color!

Mineral Powder Blush ($24) is a lightweight, oil-free mineral blush that refreshes the complexion with a soft veil of color. Light-diffusing minerals create a soft finish, while Japanese green tea powder, and vitamins A, C, and E protect against free radicals. Jouer distinguishes itself by including skin-care ingredients in its color cosmetics, so they work for your skin while making you look good. I came home with Rose. For a brighter, more spring-like shade, I would wear Blossom, the color Karen herself was wearing. Both shades are very pretty. There are six shades available, so there's at least one that will suit you too.

A touch of Mineral Face Powder ($30) finished me off! It comes in three shades, and the perfect one for me was Perle d'Ivoire, a soft pearl for fair complexions. Karen sent me off a little more confident that I looked alive!

I love the Jouer line. Drop by the Web site! You can shop online, of course. I like "Get the Look," an opportunity to play with looks and colors. You select an eye, cheek, or lip color, click on "Get the Look," and you'll see how that color looks on four different women representing the spectrum of our skin and hair colors. It's a "full-service" Web site.

If you get by Henri Bendel, ask for Karen. She's terrific! I told her that Kari at Fabulous Over Forty had sent me, and she remembered styling her makeup last September! Pretty cool!

Photos courtesy of Jouer Cosmetics


Unknown said...

I really love all the lips and blush colors in photos- it is a perfect cooler rose shade that is so difficult for me to find.

Charlestongirl said...

I was very impressed with the line, Anna. Pretty colors - and so many of them worked for me. If I hadn't spent a fortune in fragrance...

Natalie said...

In your opinion which blush would you get blossom or rose? I have light skin, think nc20...and I need help choosing!!! Thanks beautiful!!