Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lisa Hoffman's Spa Facial Wonder-Products

Snow takes lot out of you! My energy has been sapped by shoveling (made harder when there's nowhere left to put it), and my skin has threatened to turn raw from the hours of exposure to the cold and wind. So, I shifted into high gear on skin care - a step up from my usual rigorous routines.

Last weekend, after our first blizzard, I broke out the Lisa Hoffman Spa Facial products the company had generously sent me to try. What better time to use them than during a snow emergency?

A mask, made with a combination of Lisa Hoffman's Spa Facial Hydrating Mask and Hydration Booster ($45 for the duo) was just the thing to boost my skin and my spirits. They were a one-two punch against winter's ravages!

This duo does more than just moisturize; it works to kick-start your collagen production, essential to your skin's health and appearance. The combination of the Hydrating Mask with the Hydration Booster penetrates deep into the skin's surface. Vitamin C and marine collagen
maximize collagen production while inhibiting its loss (there's that one-two punch again). The combination strengthens the plumpness, fullness, and elasticity of the skin. Vitamin A, soybean extract, and ceramides help to maintain the optimal moisture content of skin.

How do you use the products together? Combine the Hydrating Mask with Hydrating Booster in the palm of your hand, mix, and apply the mask. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Follow with Lisa Hoffman's Spa Facial Anti-Aging Serum ($55) and a moisturizer. I'd suggest Lisa's Spa Facial Moisture Seal Cream ($75), the ultimate salve for dry skin, containing shea butter and maple sugar extract. Lisa Hoffman's Spa Facial products are designed to work together, and when you've got such effective synergy, why not make the most of it?

I was a little concerned about the vitamin A in the products, given my sensitivity to vitamin A in all of its forms. Lisa cracked the code on making it gentle - quite a feat. My face was happy.

I will caution you not to get the mask too close to your eyes. That's true of almost all products that are not designed to be used in the eye area. At the Nordstrom Winterize Your Skin event, many women asked, "Can I use it around my eyes?" as products for the face were presented. In each case, the answer was no. You must use a product designed to be used near your eyes if you want to give that tender skin a boost.

That's where Lisa Hoffman Spa Facial Eye Treatment ($45) comes in!
The super-charged eye cream is designed to be used only once a week. The formula moisturizes, brightens, and smoothes the contour of the eye area, reducing dark circles, puffiness, and lines for a lovely, refreshed look. The eye treatment contains Haloxyl, Dermaxyl, and Matrixyl 3000, three potent peptides. If you have been reading Best Things in Beauty, you should have already concluded that your skin care regimen must include peptides. Spa Facial Eye Treatment is a treat for your eyes - a weekly boost with peptides. I loved what it did to mine!

Want to try all of these products without making a serious investment? Lisa Hoffman offers the Spa Facial Packette ($17.95), a complete set of single-use ampules that are perfect for a test drive or travel. The packette includes the products I used and more! I can't think of a better way to pamper yourself, snow birds!

You can purchase Lisa Hoffman's products from her Web site, DermStore, and a few other online sources. Just Google Lisa Hoffman! You'll be happy you did.

Photos courtesy of Lisa Hoffman


Anonymous said...

These products sound wonderful. I have never tried them, but you are tempting me!!!!


Anonymous said...

This product is awesome! All 10 steps of Lisa hoffman's spa facial works wonders ....dramatic changes are seen in just minutes my face was really dry and brittle and once after complete all the facial steps my face felt more toned out pores were minimized with full hydration to my face