Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Giorgio Armani Beauty Rouge d'Armani Pink Collection

Giorgio Armani Beauty is introducing a new collection of Rouge d'Armani lipsticks for Spring 2010: The Pink Collection! Adding new pink colors to the Rouge d'Armani collection was the perfect choice for spring. Look at these shades! These beautiful lipsticks will arrive at your Armani Beauty counter soon.

“Lips are the signature of a woman,” Giorgio Armani has said. Want to sign your lips with pink? There's a shade for you in this collection: nude pink, baby pink, coral pink, blue pink, cool pink, warm pink, hot pink, and fuchsia!

Rouge d'Armani was introduced in the fall of 2009. The lipsticks gave us long-lasting color with moisture, a rare feat for a long-wear lipstick. There is a lot of pigment in these lipsticks - remember that when you select a shade.

I love Rouge d'Armani! From the classy case, with its magnetic snap, to the gorgeous colors, these are the first long-lasting lipsticks I have ever loved. Armani promises six hours of continuous hydration and eight hours of wear. While no lipstick stays on my lips for eight hours (I do eat and use napkins!), Rouge d'Armani does have real staying power.

The Rouge d'Armani lipsticks have a very soft and creamy texture. Historically, dry textures have kept me from embracing long-wear lipsticks. Most feel like chalk on my balm-addicted lips. These feel great, even without Armani's fabulous Lip Shimmers adding as a finishing touch. I'll admit, though, that most of the time I wear gloss over my lipsticks. I'm a gloss gal at heart.

What does Giorgio Armani Beauty have to say about Rouge d'Armani?

The lipsticks use Color-Fil technology. Giorgio Armani pioneered this breakthrough cosmetic color technology, which owes its highly innovative formula to a unique color bond agent. Color bond, the result of seven years of research and 20 patents, offers exceptional qualities of comfort, luminosity, and color intensity.

Color bond is a revolutionary polymer architecture with an exceptional property that weaves highly selected ingredients into a supple 3D matrix that adheres durably to lips. Its made-to-measure architecture, made of two “parts,” is able to unite two contrasting properties: hold and comfort. Its smooth surface optimizes light reflection, revealing a new color vibrancy.

The ingredients allow Armani Beauty to achieve the perfect formula, with exclusive emollients and "micronized" waxes that slip onto lips for a smooth, melting, comfortable application. The spherical micro-pigments fuse with the color bond agent for rich, vibrant color. There are two lightweight oils - one for perfect affinity with the lips for comfort, the other for a smooth and satin finish.

You will be able to purchase the Rouge d'Armani Pink Collection at Saks Fifth Avenue, on the Armani Web site, or at your favorite source for Armani Beauty products. If you are in the market for long-lasting lip color that feels good, or simply want a new color for the spring season, these new Armani lipsticks will fit the bill.

If you live anywhere near DC, make sure to visit my friends at the Armani Beauty counter at Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase. Tell them Best Things in Beauty sent you. They take extra-special care of everyone, but they still love to hear from BTiB readers! They will help you select your spring look from the Armani collections or anywhere in the beauty department. Many of you have written that you aren't treated well in department stores. Look no further than Armani at "my Saks" if you want to make some new friends while you shop!

Update 2/11: The new shades are available at the Armani Beauty Web site! Registered members will get free shipping and two deluxe samples with a $50 purchase through February 14. Use code KISS.

Photo courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty


Sandra said...

Wow! Love Armani lipsticks! When can we have them?

Charlestongirl said...


Word was they were shipping the first week in February. Given weather delays, I would guess the end of this month. But that's a guess. Even the team at Saks isn't 100% sure!