Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Laura Mercier Under Eye Perfector

At first glance, Laura Mercier's new Under Eye Perfectors ($22) look really dark and strange, but I'll bet that one of them will work for you. Try them in person to select the right shade.

Available in two highly pigmented shades, Orange/Yellow and Mauve/Rose, the unique cream corrector/perfector is designed to help conceal, awaken, and provide complete coverage for even the most intense dark eye area. Most of you know that Laura Mercier specializes in mixing concealer shades to achieve just the right color for your skin. The new Under Eye Perfectors are an extra tool in the toolkit. They are intended to be used only under the eyes. They have a lightweight, emollient formula that won't cake or settle into any fine lines. Even so, I found that only a tiny dab is needed.

I picked up one at Nordstrom and remarked to Chris Coles that it looked really dark. He demonstrated two ways for me to use the corrector: mixed with concealer to counteract any redness in my skin (the directions actually say to use it under your concealer) and placed over foundation in place of a brightener. Just a little dab worked, and I found the effect to be exactly what Laura Mercier must have had in mind!

The color descriptions on the Laura Mercier Web site are counterintuitive. Mauve/Rose is described as being for fair-to-medium skin to cancel pink/purple circles. Orange/Yellow is for olive-to-deep skin tones to cancel purple/gray dark circles. Go figure! That's why you just have to try these shades in person to see which one works for you.

What did I find? The right shade for you will instantly brighten your under-eye area, hydrate, and "perfect" your skin tone. These are worth checking out. Even if you don't need the Under Eye Perfector every day, you will be happy you have it when you need it!

You can find Under Eye Perfector at Nordtrom, Saks, Neiman Marcus, and at the Laura Mercier Web site. This is one product I'd recommend you try in person.

Photo courtesy of Laura Mercier

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