Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Does Lash Allure MD Work?

I have written about Lash Allure MD ($49.50) twice - most recently on February 2, when I told you my four-week test was going well. I talked to Beauty Biosciences to find out why the product was working. Don't you always wonder why certain new products work as advertised?

There many new cosmetic products that promise to thicken and/or condition your lashes. I haven't had time to test them all, and I'm sure that they work in different ways. I wanted to know how and why Lash Allure MD works. So, I called the company, and what they told me made a lot of sense. Here's the scoop.

As we age, all hair follicles can be damaged and go into dormancy. There are also medical conditions, such as thyroid problems, that cause our hair follicles to become dormant. Once damaged follicles go dormant, the hair doesn't grow. The follicles don't die, though; they just go into a kind of suspension, or "lash sleep." Apparently, it takes a long time for the follicles to actually die. Lash Allure MD can't create new follicles to replace the dead ones, but it can arouse the dormant ones to make lash hairs grow again. It repairs and restores eyelashes and eyebrows that just need a jump start.

Additionally, Lash Allure MD helps keep lashes from falling out as fast, something I've noticed as I have used it. Lashes grow and fall out on a 90-day cycle. Each precious lash lasts for only three months! Then it's history, and, if your follicle is healthy, a new one will come along and replace it. That's why you will see lashes in different lengths (stages of growth) if you examine your eyelashes carefully.

The company reports that women with damaged eyebrows (don't over-pluck, ladies) are seeing extraordinary results. Even without over-plucking, you will sometimes get thin areas, which many women fill in with a brow product while waiting for the brows to grow back in. Lash Allure MD helps to prevent this hair loss and stimulate the damaged brow follicles to grow. Ever since I heard that, I've started using Lash Allure MD on my brows in addition to my lashes. Even though I've been blessed with eyebrows that are thick enough, I don't want to lose them as I age!

Some lash products claim to condition your lashes. This is like conditioning your hair. Conditioning can prevent breakage. It won't disrupt the growth cycle that occurs naturally; hairs grow, fall out, and are replaced - all the time.

Just a reminder: Lash Allure MD does not contain prostaglandins or other harmful ingredients. I won't use Latisse because of the remote chance I'll end up with brown spots in my blue eyes or brown spots on the skin at the base of my lashes. Lash Allure MD will not cause that because it does not have prostaglandins among its ingredients. Instead, it contains HFH - a proprietary breakthrough technology that provides the optimum environment for maximum cellular activity and accelerated hair growth and the patent-pending Pentapeptide Growth Complex to enhance lash and brow growth without irritation.

Give it a try! You can purchase Lash Allure MD from the company's Web site, Dillards, or from DermStore. At the Lash Allure MD Web site, you can enter to win a free Lash Allure MD. There's a winner every week!

Congratulations to Tessa Violet, the winner of the $100,000 Lashes to Riches contest held by Lash Allure MD! Lucky lady!

Photo courtesy of Lash Allure MD


Anonymous said...

After spending so much money on Lash Allure, I can say that the product doesn't work. I keep losing my eyebrows, even when I'm a healthy person and eat well.

Another waste of money.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work for you. I have found that Lash Allure MD worked well for me and my friends. There are others available, though, so keep trying!

Have you talked to your doc about your eyebrows?