Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Coming Attraction: Sisley Eau d'Ikar Eau de Toilette

Sisley's new Eau d'Ikar is, theoretically, a fragrance for men. After trying it, I'd call it a unisex fragrance that's going to appeal to many women. It's set to arrive at Sisley counters in October.

Eau d'Ikar embodies a poetic ambition...
  • The deep desire in a man to fly, not in defiance of the heavens, but rather to rise above the ground (my father had it and passed it along to me)
  • For lightness, intensity, and freedom
  • Not for power, but for the elegant movement
  • For the gentle wind and the passing of clouds
  • For a carefree spirit and rising winds
  • The ambition of the sun, to brush past its warmth and feel its light
This vibrant fragrance is rich in fine natural essences. The "star" essence is the lentiscus, a small tree that you can find in the Mediterranean islands. The vivacity of citrus notes illuminates lentisk essence with green and crisp notes of bitter orange, bergamot, lemon, and carrot seeds. Unexpected floral notes of iris, jasmine, orange pekoe tea are refreshed by reeds. Powerful dark wood notes strengthen the sensual notes of the heart of the lentisk: green cistus, sandalwood, and veitver root. All in all, it's a beautiful composition.

The bottle of Eau d'Ikar, designed by Bronislaw Krzysztof, is made of thick, fine glass. Light dances off its exterior. An abstract wing and a man's torso are carved in the glass.

Whether flying like a bird, shown in the promotional photo, or attempting as Icarus did (unfortunately unsuccessfully), the notion of defying the laws of gravity and taking flight is one that has enchanted man since the beginning of time. Sisley has given us a fragrance that offers a romantic lightness of being that evokes the freedom of flight. I love it!

Photo at top courtesy of Sisley; photo of Icarus courtesy of Frank Frazetta


lovethescents said...

The marketing is hilarious! BUT, I will say, 06130 does a beautiful fragrance called Lentisque, based on the little pistachio tree you described. I will defo smell this to see if I detect any similarities. Thanks, Charlestongirl!

Charlestongirl said...

I'm lucky, Lovethescents. I got to smell it and spray it and play with it about a week ago. I LOVED it. Wouldn't mind finding a man who wears it [wink].

lovethescents said...

That would be a great personals ad! "SWF seeking man who wears Eau d'Ikar. No other criteria". Lol!

Charlestongirl said...

Laughing, Lovethescents! Really, how many guys do you find with such good taste in fragrance?

lovethescents said...

That aren't gay, you mean?? There are a few, very few :-)