Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

On Labor Day, we celebrate the achievements of American labor. On this Labor Day, we wish there were more Americans with jobs.

The first Labor Day celebration was in New York City on September 5, 1882. The legislature of New York had considered a bill to establish a regular holiday, but Oregon was the first to pass it on February 21, 1887. First proposed as “a street parade to exhibit to the public the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations,” Labor Day became an official U.S. holiday in 1984, when Congress made the first Monday in September a federal holiday.

Today, Labor Day seems entwined with family, friends, food, and festivities. I'll be thinking about all of the people without jobs. It's a difficult time for many Americans and a good time to think about how everyone can help. Can't we put the country back to work?

Happy Labor Day!

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Clarisse said...

Hi Charlestongirl! Happy Labor Day to you and all your American readers!
Thanks for explaining the historical side of the day!
I agree with you: all the people who are left without jobs everywhere deserve our good wishes and prayers! If only good will and imagination prevailed all those people might get one chance to work again: we desperately need to hope!

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Clarisse!

Ditto on the job front. I heard an alarming statistic today. While the unemployment rate is 9.1%, it doesn't factor in those who have given up looking for a job or those who have taken part-time jobs rather than nothing. If you put them in the mix, the unemployment rate is around 16%! That's hard to take.

We need to do something, despite partisan political wars, to fix this!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Happy Labour Day! In italy we celebrate it on 1st May. Unemployment is plaguing Italy too. :-( A really tough moment in global history. Among the younger generations there are peaks of about 20% over here in some areas. And lots of 40/50-year-olds are losing their jobs. We can only hope for the best.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Rachel,

I know it's bad in Europe too. If I had answers, I'd run for office. It seems to me that we need to spend to get out of this mess. Just like FDR spent on infrastructure projects. We can worry about "our grandchildren" later. We need to worry about our neighbors now.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Here and now is so important. Action! Things are bad now. I am so worried.....

LoveSugarBabyDoll said...

Hope your weekend was fabulous!

Jann said...

Love this post! My husband and I are both unemployed and looking for work. This is the first time in 40 years of working that my husband has been on unemployment. It is hard. My heart goes out to all the people who don't have jobs and want to work. Have a great day!