Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bobbi Brown Color Strips Collection for Spring 2010

Bobbi Brown has put together three new Color Strips Palettes ($60) with pops of colors accompanied by the perfect neutrals that make them work for everyone. Each of the three palettes in the collection has five Eye Shadows and three shades of Pot Rouge, all designed to work together beautifully.

Love color but don't know exactly how to use it? Have you ever purchased shadows that look fabulous in the store - either in the testers or after an artist applied them for you - and can't figure out how to use them once you get home? Bobbi Brown believes that everyone can wear bright shades, and she has made it as easy as paint-by-numbers! Buy one and you get Bobbi Brown's expertise every time you use your new palette.

Here's what Bobbi has to say about Color Strips. “Don’t be afraid of color. Each palette has one bright eye shadow that really stands out. The rest of my hand-picked shades for eyes, lips, and cheeks will make it wearable.”

I've already decided I can't live without the gorgeous Bonfire and Aquamarine palettes! And I will be introducing a color-shy friend to Orchid; she's going to look great in the lavender eye shades.

I love the use of Pot Rouge in these palettes. I'll get three fabulous lip and cheek shades that coordinate with the eye shadows in each palette. I'm already imagining the mix-and-match possibilities! As she always does, Bobbi has thoughtfully included a brush so that you can use your palette on the go.

The Aquamarine palette includes the Eye Shadow shades Lightening Sparkle, Aquamarine Metallic, Storm, Ivory, and Grey Sky, along with the Pot Rouge shades Sand Pink, Pale Pink, and Powder Pink.

The Bonfire palette
includes Eye Shadow shades in Bone, Cafe Cream Sparkle, Cognac Metallic, Bonfire Metallic, and Caviar and Pot Rouge shades in Fresh Melon, Tawny, and Calypso Coral.

The Orchid palette includes the Eye Shadow shades White, Dusty Plum Metallic, Orchid Sparkle, Mulberry, and Caviar, along with the Pot Rouge shades Sand Pink, Pale Pink, and Powder Pink.

The Color Strips Collection will be available soon at Bobbi Brown's Web site and at all Bobbi Brown counters. I can report that they are in the store at Nordstrom at Tysons Corner and available at Nordstrom online. I need to hurry over to Nordstrom. Message to impending snow storm: hold off, please! I have beautiful spring makeup to buy!

Update 2/27: I ordered mine at Bobbi's Web site today! Am excited.

Photos courtesy of Bobbi Brown


Anonymous said...

ohhh i want aquamarine!!


Bonnie C. said...

This is totally goof proof beauty! :-)

Charlestongirl said...

My goodness, Bonnie, you are up late! I'm getting ready for work, and you are time zones away. :)

Yes, it is goof-proof. I like that phrase!