Friday, February 19, 2010

New York Fashion Week Blogger Lounge & Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas

The invitation was for a day of beauty at the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) Blogger Lounge, sponsored by Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas and hosted by Lianne Farbes of The Makeup Girl at the W Hotel Times Square. The Red Door team, consisting of Hervé Merlino, Billy Dee Williams, Zahir Ziani (national creative director), Grace, and Tiffany, was there all day treating us to blow-outs and styling just in time for the NYFW Media Mixer that night. As if that weren't enticement enough, we had an opportunity to relax, recharge batteries (a mobile gal can run out of power), snack on refreshments, and enjoy good company.

I stopped by, thinking it would be fun to meet everyone. As soon as I arrived, even without an appointment for a blow-out, Lianne invited me to have a seat and get my hair done. Of course I jumped right into the adorable Billy Dee Williams' chair, given how great everyone in the room looked! Billy Dee is shown at right with the big warm smile.

He intuitively knew what to do with my hair. I didn't prompt him, just confirmed that I needed some volume. Billy Dee started to hold up sections of my hair and spray the roots. I thought he was using product. Instead, he was using water to give his blow dryer a head start. Once he finished dampening my hair, he started his magic. I couldn't see what he was doing because I was facing into the room, but it didn't matter. I trusted him completely - as I should have because every woman who got a blow-out was going into the bathroom to look for the first time and literally shrieking with delight!

When he finished, I also headed to the bathroom mirror to see the results. My hair hasn't looked that good in 20 years! Seriously, I couldn't believe that my own fine, rather lifeless hair could do anything other than a bob. It was love! I loved my hair, and I loved Billy Dee, a stylist in Red Door's Westchester (White Plains) salon. Billy Dee, why can't you come down to Northern Virginia? We love talent - you could spruce up this whole region! If you can't move, maybe we can get a Red Door party going, booking you for a day of hair heaven?

So, what do you think? That's me - blond hair, blue leather jacket. I think he's a genius! I am still awestruck as I write this, days later.

Lianne got her hair cut before I got there, and she looked darling. She's the lovely lady on the left in the photo to the right. She looked like a celebrity - and she is!

For more photos from the event, courtesy of Andrea Betts from Red Door, go to this link. Friends, if you have a Red Door Spa near you, I'd make an appointment and head over there. They will show you what your hair can do! It could be life-changing!

Photos courtesy of Andrea Betts


Marsha said...

I am envious! No matter where I go, I am unhappy with my hair!!

Charlestongirl said...

Marsha, you need to make a trip to Red Door! Is there one near you?

If not, keep changing hair stylists until you find someone you like! If you see someone with gorgeous hair, ask her where she gets it cut/colored/whatever! Most women are happy to share their stylist secrets. :)

Fab Over 40 said...

I love your hair! You look so stylish and beautiful!

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Fab! Billy Dee certainly made me feel special!