Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bobbi Brown Glitter Liquid Eye Liner for Holiday 2010

Bobbi Brown added to her Holiday 2010 Collection (which I have featured extensively over the last few weeks) with Glitter Liquid Eye Liner ($20). I was prepared to pass on it. Anything with glitter in its name usually prompts me to move along. Surprise! It arrived at Neiman Marcus at Tysons Galleria this week, along with other holiday items, and I had to try it. All the gals in the beauty department were wearing it, and it looked fabulous on them!

Like paillettes for your eyes, Glitter Liquid Eye Liner contains a blend of sparkling pearls to create brilliant shine and intense metallic color - great for transforming your daytime look into a party-perfect look. Bobbi's super-fine applicator tip makes it easy to line your eyes with a very thin line, like a pro. Plus, the liner is long-lasting and waterproof (I mean seriously waterproof), so it will stay put until you're ready to call it a night. Even at that point, using Bobbi Brown's Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover, you'll find it's tenacious. It has "party on" performance.

The two shades are gold and silver, perfect for a festive look. I like them both. The gold has an "old gold" cast, and the silver, depending on the light, can appear blue-silver. What I really love about these liners is that you can smudge them to create your own metallic eye shadows (just do it quickly before they set). Once you smudge out the liner, it's a bit more subtle and quite wearable as a shadow. That makes each liner a "two-fer."

My arm photo was taken in full sun. These liners are very bright, but not quite this bright. They aren't for shrinking violets, though. If you don't want to draw attention to your eyes, there are better choices from Bobbi Brown.

The liners arrived at Neiman Marcus with a complete new display of holiday makeup. There are four red lipsticks on the display. I don't wear red lipstick (I don't like to "lead with my lips"), so I wasn't tempted. However, one of the shades is metallic and sheerer than the others. It would be my pick if I were going to try a red. If you love red lipstick, there's bound to be one you'll like. They are all unique.

There were also new eye palettes on the display. I purchased one, and I'll show it to you tomorrow morning. You can purchase the latest Bobbi Brown Holiday 2010 releases (they are arriving in waves) at Neiman Marcus. I'm sure the other Bobbi Brown counters will have them soon - if they don't already.

Photo at top courtesy of Neiman Marcus


Lisa Capuchino..Houston Makeup Artist said...

Bobbi B.has done it again! Beautiful holiday sparkle and easy to use. My clients find it makes the eyes sexy and festive without going overboard. Double the use as a eye shadow when blended..Ahh an absolute YES! CBeauty..

Eileen said...

Oh, wow! To be young and beautiful once again! I can hardly wait to see what the young lovelies do with these two magic wands. And, truth be told, I'd love to see a silver fox pull them off. That would really inspire me :-)

Charlestongirl said...

A silver fox would look stunning in the silver one. Smudged or not!

Leigh said...

Looked online for the BB sheer red metallic lipstick but couldn't find. Do you know the exact product name? Hope it's something I can find!


Charlestongirl said...


The metallic red is called Jewelred. You can get it at Neiman Marcus at Tysons Galleria (and I'm sure the Mazza store too). I don't think any of these new items have hit the Bobbi Brown Web site yet.

Dlori said...

So what do you think of the new Bobbi Brown Bight eyes palete? I LOVE it!!!!!
kleimanlaw at aol dot com