Monday, October 25, 2010

Guerlain Les Ors Collection Rouge G for Holiday 2010

Guerlain's Holiday 2010 Les Ors Collection had to grow on me. At first glance, I was delighted that I didn't have to spend a fortune, as I did with the to-die-for fall collection. Slowly, though, I sampled and purchased a few things. I'll tell you up front the eye shadow quad did nothing for me. I don't like red plums, and I don't need any more charcoal, a shade that has limited usefulness (liner only) for me. That left me feeling free to sample the other items in the collection.

I showed you the fabulous KissKiss Strass Rose de la Reine (#363) a few days ago. I think I need another one! I did purchase the other new KissKiss Strass shade, Rose Imperiale (#323), during Saks Friends & Family. I'll show you that this week.

While I was studying the Les Ors display, I tried the new Rouge G in Bee (B64, $46), shown on the right-hand side of the photo above. It's a beautiful, vibrant plum-leaning rose. Guerlain also placed a previously introduced Rouge G shade on the new display. That usually annoys me, particularly when the product representative can't tell me whether the shade is actually new or not. In this case, I liked the previously introduced shade Betsy (B62) better, so I came home it. By all appearances in the tube, Betsy is a plum-leaning, cool rose, much lighter than Bee. I love it! In my humble opinion, it looks great on me.

My swatch of Betsy was taken in full sun. It shows the beauty of the shade pretty well. It's a perfect shade for day and will be much more useful for me than the darker Bee.

I've never been fond of the razzle dazzle of the Rouge G container, with its mirror and heavy weight. The whole lipstick is too heavy to carry around with me, so I will be limited in where I can use it. I have decided to keep Betsy in my desk at work, where the mirror will actually come in handy. I try to minimize the weight of my handbag, so every ounce counts. Suggestion, Guerlain marketing folks, provide a regular lipstick top to fit over the product for those of us who love the lipstick but don't want the extra weight. Let us choose. I'd be happy with a plastic cap. I would even pay extra for it! I may cannibalize another lipstick in my house if I can find a top that fits.

If you don't care that your lipstick was introduced last winter, you'll love Betsy! If you do want the latest thing, try Bee, keeping in mind that it packs a color punch.

What else did I purchase? Meteorites Perles d’Or, filled with gold and plum spheres, and Midnight Star, a lifting, smoothing, radiance-enhancing treatment/primer in a case that's gorgeous. Later! There is an exquisite pressed powder compact with a powder that's fairly nondescript on the face, but you have to be willing to spend a makeup museum price ($170) to buy it. The compact is refillable.

You can find Guerlain at Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Sephora. I don't think Sephora has Les Ors yet.

Lipstick photos courtesy of Guerlain


Eileen said...

Betsy is one of my favorite light plums. Although I bought it last year, when rotating the colors in my make-up drawers--putting away my obviously summer colors and getting out those for fall--Betsy veritably called out, "Don't forget me!". It's a lovely, much more delicate shade than Bee. When I tried Bee at the counter, the SA and I just looked at each other and said, "Meh!".

I can well imagine that Betsy is gorgeous with your coloring. Of the two (Bee and Betsy), Betsy is much better suited to those of us with lighter complexions.

I can hardly wait to hear your take on Perles d'Or Meteorites. They've risen to the top of the list as far as my finishing powders go. Love, love, love!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen,

I hope your party was fun!

Bee was just too dark for me. I don't like to lead with my lips, and I would have wearing Bee in daytime. I love Betsy, although I do think it's misleading for cosmetics companies to put out "new" shades that are actually old. Since I didn't have it, I was pleased to be re-introduced to it, but...

"Meh" is a new term for me. It's only been this year that I've seen it used. :) Bee would look fab on someone with dramatic colorintg. That's not me.

The Perles d'Or Meteorites are drop-dead gorgeous, huh? I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to show the blended shade on my arm.

When Loyd and I visited the Guerlain counter, this clueless young lady told me she could apply the colors to my face and surprise me. I politely declined, but later laughed with Loyd when I said, "Was she clueless?" I had my own makeup artist in tow, and she still wanted to do my makeup and surprise me?" Still chuckling. I doubt the surprise would have been pleasant.

Eileen said...

The Halloween party was a "howling" success! Everyone, young and old, seemed to enjoy themselves. Now I'm ready for the real deal this coming Sunday :-)

Good luck trying to show just how gorgeous those Meteorite pearls are. I've seen other bloggers try to show what it is that these pearls of light actually do, but they've always had little to no success at capturing the magic. I also know from reading blogs that many women don't really understand the purpose of Meteorites. They're not a highlighter, not a shimmer brick, they're nothing razzle-
dazzle. Meteorites are simply the ne plus ultra of finishing powders. Whenever I'm asked about Meteorites, I always tell the person to do their make-up as they normally would, but apply their normal finishing powder to only one side of their face. Then, go to a Guerlain counter and apply Meteorites to the other side. As soon as they catch that first glimpse, they'll see how beautifully Meteorites pull everything together in the proverbial air-brushed glow. Good luck trying to swatch that :-)

Charlestongirl said...

That's a perfect description, Eileen! Capturing that in pixels won't be nearly as enticing.

Maybe I'll photograph the container with other Meteorites shades and just gush. :)

I bought Halloween candy and Goldfish tonight. Hope I don't eat it all before the weekend.

Leigh said...

I, too, swatched #62 the last time I was at Neiman Marcus; but alas, La Prairie's Quiet Fig won me over - - easier to carry!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Leigh, now you have me interested in Quiet Fig. I'll have to check it out next time I go to a department store. Hopefully, I can stay out of them for a few weeks.

Leigh said...

How long do you think you can stay away???? I've semi-promised myself I'd not buy another lip color for the rest of October and whoops! I have six more!!

Good luck girl! Let me know how you do (I'm sure you buy way more than me!) Hee hee!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Leigh, it turns out I can't. I'm going to Neiman Marcus for a complimentary facial this afternoon. I didn't make if for long. :)