Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Les Nuits d'Izu Eau de Parfum

Have you ever had a perfume mystery? Sampled or bought a new scent, one that is glorious to your nose, but also familiar? I'm having that mystery with Les Nuits d'Izu Eau de Parfum ($115) by Keiko Mecheri.

It smells very familiar, but I can't put my finger on the reason. I haven't had time to compare it to every fragrance in my house - that would take more time than I have. So, I've been wearing it on my wrist to bed! Usually my bedtime fragrance is delivered courtesy of a fabulous body oil or lotion - not eau de parfum.

After the first night, I decided it smelled like Diorissimo. Then I read the notes again. Les Nuits d'Izu Yuzu is composed with rose japonica, jasmine, littoral moss, hinoki, and musk. The only note in common is the jasmine. The second night, I drifted off deciding that some mysteries were not meant to be solved. Instead, I reveled in the beauty of the fragrance and surrendered to sleep.

Keiko Mecheri has carefully crafted an exquisite and distinctive fragrance line that reflects her artistic background and her obsession with the power of scent to evoke emotion. Strikingly original (but familiar?), these are beautifully subtle, sensual scents for people with a strong sense of individual style. Believing that a fragrance's nobility and glamour are based on the quality of the materials used to make it, Keiko uses the best and purest natural ingredients in her work.

Launched in June with three other fragrances, Les Nuits d'Izu Eau de Parfum is inspired by indigo nights on the Izu peninsula, the Riviera of Japan, taking the classic cologne structure and giving it an Asian twist. It opens with a piquant, shimmering yuzu note – similar to that of grapefruit with overtones of Mandarin orange. The vibrant yuzu (a citrus grown in Japan and other Asian countries) leads us like a colorful butterfly to an ethereal garden of rose japonica and dreamy jasmine. A base of ocean moss and hinoki, the Japanese cypress used for building shrines, palaces, and the finest soaking baths, adds intrigue and depth. A fresh blend of tart citrus, delicate flowers, and precious woods delight the senses. It's perfect for cologne lovers who are looking for something unusual and new.

The fragrance is long-lasting for a cologne. I can still smell it on my wrist when I awaken about seven hours after I applied it. Nice! The bottle is beautiful too.

I think this fragrance is divine. Mine came from LuckyScent. You can order a sample for $5.

Photos courtesy of LuckyScent and Wikipedia


Clarisse said...

Hi Charlestongirl!
From your description I know for sure I'll love it! I love the character yuzu gives to a fragrance (have you ever tested Eau de Cartier? Yuzu is very present in it and I find it a wonderful scent in summer)
I am glad Luckyscent takes orders from abroad: I am preparing my Christmas wish-list:-)))

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse!

I think we have very similar tastes in fragrances. :)

Eau de Cartier is turns "oriental" on me. I'm not sure why, but as a result, I have never researched its notes. Les Nuits d'Izu stays fresh and clean. Love it!

Fabulous that LuckyScent will ship internationally! They have so many brands to love.