Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bobbi Brown Modern Classic Lip & Eye Palette for Holiday 2010

I'm continuing my Bobbi Brown Holiday 2010 series with the Modern Classic Lip & Eye Palette ($75). It's Bobbi's tribute to Hollywood's golden age. Ten beautiful eye shadows, including greys, bronzes, and plums, will let you create any look from a soft wash of color to a dramatic, silver-screen smoulder. Four exclusive (and totally gorgeous) shades of Glitter Lip Gloss add shiny, sparkly lip color. I think the lip glosses make this palette a must-have.

The eye shadow shades are Ivory, Oyster Grey Metallic, Antique Pink Shimmer Wash, Chateau Grey, Taffeta Metallic, Birch, Heather Rose Shimmer Wash, Navy Charcoal, Gold Thread Metallic, and Espresso (for lining on me).

The stunning lip gloss shades are Golden Topaz Glitter, Paisley Rose Shimmer, Pink Bouquet Glitter, and Grape Glitter. Grape Glitter is drop-dead gorgeous. I want these in tubes!

Like every other day this week, yesterday I had trouble with the clouds when I tried to get swatch photos. I was able to get photos of the lip glosses and half of the shadows after work during the sun's brief appearance on a cloudy day. Sabrina swatched all of the shadows, so open up this link to The Beauty Look Book to see the complete shadow collection on Sabrina's arm.

The lip glosses are shown at right, with Grape Glitter at the top. I applied the glosses with the little shadow brush that came with the compact. When I saw Grape Glitter in the pan in the store, I was enchanted. Now that I have swatched and worn it, I'd say it's full-blown love. The other shades are almost equally lovable. Top to bottom on my arm they are Pink Bouquet (Glitter), Golden Topaz (Glitter), and Paisley Rose (Shimmer). These glosses are not what I would call glittery. They impart a high shine, although Paisley Rose, the Shimmer Lip Gloss, is a little more reserved.

I swatched five of the shadows, starting with the top right shade in the palette, Taffeta Metallic Eye Shadow, and moving to the bottom row (left to right in the palette) with Birch Eye Shadow, Heather Rose Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Navy Charcoal Eye Shadow, and Gold Thread Metallic Eye Shadow. I am glad I got these photos while I could. Ivory, Oyster Grey, and Antique Pink would have been hard to show on my skin tone, particularly under heavy clouds, and Espresso is easily described as a very dark brown. These shades should be familiar to Bobbi Brown fans.

I think this palette is extremely desirable. Beyond my new devotion to the lip glosses, I adore the Taffeta and Gold Thread shadows - both "metallics," but not over the top. I would describe them as "high shimmer" rather than metallic. Combined, the carefully selected eye shadow shades will give you many look options.

This palette is pricier than the others I purchased, but it has already won my heart. I think you'll be impressed too. I purchased my Modern Classic Lip & Eye Palette at Nordstrom, and I hear Dillard's has the new palettes too. The rest of the department stores (and Bobbi Brown's U.S. Web site) should have them soon. What do you think?

During the next week, I'll finish this series (for now) with two more eye palettes and the lip gloss set.

Update: See the comments. We now know that Neiman Marcus has received the palettes!

Update 10/10: Photo at right was requested in comments by Leigh. It has Grape Glitter at top and Le Métier de Beauté Uma Paro below. Photo was taken in late afternoon sun. Grape Glitter is a bit more blue than my photo makes it appear.

Photo at top courtesy of Bobbi Brown U.K.


Miss Brahms said...

A little bird told me that Nieman Marcus Tysons Galleria got them in yesterday!
I also tried the Bobbi Cleansing Oil on the advice of a genius friend, and it was wonderful - it removed all of my makeup and gently cleansed my over-glycoliced face without irritating it. It has wonderful smelling essential oils, but is not greasy like the DHC Olive Oil cleanser I used to use. When it gets really dry and cold and arid, I am going to try the giant cask of Bobbi Cleansing Balm.
BTW, In-Circle begins next week for any Nieman Marcus card holders, so if you purchase a Bobbi product or any product in the beauty department, you will receive both a Bobbi gift and a Kiehl's travel set! I'm just sayin'.......

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Miss Brahms!

Yea - now more people can see the palettes! Thanks for the info.

That EXTRA Cleansing Balm is "the bomb" (as the kids say).

Clarisse said...

Absolutely fabulous!...
How am I going to choose between those gorgeous palettes (seriously it is the 1st time so many BB palettes are so appealing, to me at least!)
Everyday you show us a new one which I feel "belongs to" me...and you write there'll be two more temptations to come...

Leigh said...

How does the BB Grape Glitter compare to LMdB Uma Paro? More blue?

Charlestongirl said...

Leigh, I will insert a comparison photo this weekend. Offhand and without a side-by-side comparison, I would say that Grape Glitter has a little more pigment. Not bluer, necessarily, but I'm relying on my memory. I'll post a comparison as soon as I can get a photo.

Clarisse, as you can see, I couldn't choose - I had to buy everything!

Charlestongirl said...

Leigh, I posted the photo at the bottom of the feature. It's interesting how the memory fails! I think Uma Paro is more blue and a bit more pigmented. Grape Glitter is bluer than the photo shows, but not as blue as Uma Paro.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have this one. Do I still need the dior 5 golds? I'm hoping the shades are similar enough. Thank you.

Charlestongirl said...

Hmmm..."need" is an interesting word. :)

They are very different. Sorry! I think you should check out 5 Couleurs Gold Edition in person and decide whether you "want" it. Make sure to look at Endless Shine (529) while you're at it.